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'Metro is ruining the aesthetics of the city'

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Public Transport

That is the quote Bangalore Mirror found best to use as the headline for an interview with Charles Correa. Well that's Bangalore Mirror's call, but the two bits that caught my eye in the interview (read on BM website) were:

... I had made an informal plan for developing Bangalore along its railway network and focussed around its public transport. Of course, it was never implemented ...

So  that's how any planner would think of development, build along the "river" :)

And then this one:

... You need to have bus roads, not just lanes but a network of roads crisscrossing the city, that are dedicated only to movement of buses ...

That would be Mr Correa's version of BRT in two lines.

Namma Railu and BPS campaigns are on, right here on this website. Its time to do our bits, in whatever capacity possible, as Praja, or your favorite NGO, RWA, your company, or may be just yourself. Its time :)


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no two thoughts..

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 that we need metro for this city..and we needed it at least 10 years ago..period!

So have we got the routes right?

Its questionable..never understood why do we depend so much on DMRCL..arent there other consultants(international or otherwise) who can do this for us using authentic traffic flow data etc?!

So whom do we blame for Mr Correa's comment on MG road for not going underground? Forget it..its built and we gotta live with it!

So BMRCL claims that phase 1 mistakes would be corrected in Phase II..btw what were those mistakes?


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Build along the river

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 The early Human settlements were along the rivers for easy availability of drinking water. 

Visvesvarayya Sir MV; 15 September 1860 - 14 April 1962) was a notable Indian engineer, scholar, statesman and the Diwan of Mysore during 1912 to 1919.  


There is a story about Sir M Visvesvarayya, who was born in Muddenahalli in present day chikkaballapur dist of Karnataka. His mother did not have water in the house to give him when one day he suffered a sun stroke, she had to sprint to a near by river to get the water. This episode drove Sir MV to build the Krishnaraj Sagar Dam across the river Cauvery when he was the Diwan of Mysore. 

The Charles chorea idea of planning the city along the existing railway network of the city is an option which could be tackled by the game theory concepts. Dr. Ehshwaran Subramanyam a distinguished scientist of DRDO and the Director of CSTEP had us demonstrate the concept in the first CiSTU meeting a couple of years back. 

We need traffic solutions as and when the daily commute becomes intolerably difficult. Planning ahead of course is unquestionably a better option. Why DMRCL or somebody else for (metro) execution is a million dollar question. Well tested tendering process should take care of getting a good bargain with acceptable quality. There is always an inevitable tradeoff.

Along with the Existing Railway and the upcoming Metro we need to identify a rectangular network of Bangalore roads for BRTS. In my opinion these should be all one ways with 3 lanes Traffic out of which the left most should be dedicated to the Busses. Major crossings should have under passes.

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metro - aestehtics

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Definitely, as I was stating all along the metro has spoilt the landacpe of Bangalore; in fact it is not ruining the aesthetics but is becoming more as an eyesore'

in the first insatnce there was no need for an overhead metro on MG Road; it looks awkward like a giant concrete serpent spanning the entire length of MG Road

if there are any mistakes of Phase 1 metro to to be rectified in Phase 2 metro, one major mistake / fault is the metro being overhead; thus the entire Phase 2 metro should be underground;

slightly digressing, I do not see adequate parking spaces (for at least 10000 vehiles) at various metro stations to park  and board the metro


many thanks

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