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Chennai Metro contractors - anything new, different?

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Just out of curiosity, was looking at home page of Chennai Metro Rail corporation (CMRL) to find the list of awarded tenders. Wanted to see if it is the same set of companies (as in Bangalore) carrying out works there, or if there are any new & different names.

Found Soma, L&T, for construction work, they are involved with BMRC. Found Tantia construction, and "Consolidated Construction Consortium" to be new (is it? not sure). And Alstom seems to be supplying coaches (EMUs) there.

How do the costs compare with projects at BMRC? As I said, just curious, thats all. Website (pretty basic right now) is at http://www.chennaimetrora...


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not sure if costs can be

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not sure if costs can be compared directly, as in the case of chennai the underground rail is being constructed at many times the cost of the surface design.

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