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Chennai's elevated BRT system

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While Bangalore planners are still toying with BRT concept, Chennai seems to have an elevated corridor identified for BRT (Bus Rapid Transport System). Wonder if we have some Chennai geeks here who can enlighten how the corridor was identified, and history of the BRT idea in Chennai in general.

Source: News report, Hindu: Elevated bus corridor alignment modified

CHENNAI: The alignment of the proposed 15.8-km elevated bus corridor that starts near the Thiru-Vi-Ka Bridge and runs along the southern banks of River Adyar up to Chennai Bypass Road has been modified.

Noticed some talk of Metro linkage too:

When it meets the elevated metro rail at Saidapet and Jafarkanpet bridges, the bus corridor would ascend further and cross over. Two foot overbridges are proposed near Defence Colony and Saidapet to connect with the northern banks of River Adyar. “This is to facilitate people across the river to reach the proposed bus rapid system,” pointed out an official connected with the project.

Leaving this post for enthusiasts from Chennai to discuss and enlighten us on this BRT. Bangalore BRT talk is happening on some other discussions threads. comment guidelines

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