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Pedestrian skywalk at KR Puram Ring Road chaos, finally

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I am not a fan of skywalks (prefer regular ped-signals, or underpass), but the chaos that this place is - Outer Ring Road/Old Madras Road junction near Tin Factory, K R Puram - a pedestrian skywalk to cross 8 lanes of thick traffic should help. After our last round of complaints etc, the pedestrian signals had been operating for some time, they still are - either the light turns red, or cops stop traffic to let pedestrians cross. The skywalk (such a late arrival) is perhaps part of signal-free ORR project.


Good job Traffic Police / BDA. I am sure traffic police would know that similar number of pedestrian-involving accidents happen near the KR Puram station (under the cable bridge) as well. Things have definitely been better recently - cops stop traffic to let people cross at this point as well, but any improvement there also will be welcome.


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Not enough

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This entire road is a nightmare for pedestrians and skywalks/underpasses are needed near the KR Puram cable bridge, tin factory and RMZ Infinity.

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...and about time, too! Will be visiting this place ina  couple of weeks to check on the progress of the project and more importantly, whether it has escalators/lifts etc. SB, did you see any indication of these?



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Almost ready - pictures

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Have been watching the pedestrian bridge develop over 2 months now. Seems like its all ready now. Not opened for pedestrians yet I think, but I saw an ad banner already today :)

Anyway, we'd be keen to see the usage level of this bridge. Its probably the longest one in all of Bangalore right now, but would people still opt for risking a cross-traffic run to climbing 30 steep steps?

Some pics taken last week:

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road made impossible to cross..

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 at street level should do the trick..

On the Hal apt road there is the only crossover bridge in Blr which is used all the time by all.The main reason being there is no other way to cross over at all..the road dividers are in steel and tall..

Similar thing also needs to be done here..

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The road near Tin factory

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The road near Tin factory has

1. Old Madras Road from city to KR Puram, road for interstate buses to Andhra, TN.

2. Outer Ring Road.

3. Road to ITPL.

How did all these roads come together? Now, pedestrians have to do the extra work. At the next juction railway station is added. comment guidelines

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