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Quality footpaths from BBMP - good going at Whitefield

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When you see good work, you must appreciate and encourage BBMP. Its not covering all corners of Whitefield, just the main roads. But as they say, level of development of a city is determined by its footpaths and pavements, not the roads. And this is a good beginning.

It started in October I think when material started showing up around the roads

Work began soon after, and there was a bit of a mess. In some cases, irregular pavements done by shop owners and businesses were removed.

One more

Drains on the side were covered, and were connected with the road via a duct under the footpath.

And in a month or so, the footpaths have started emerging, all cement, no irregular stones designed to make you stumble, and notice the slopes around entry and exists to the main road.

Better one here ...

With pavements like this ...

... for once, looks like we will get what we can really walk on, with comfort and without obstructions.

What is the story elsewhere in Bangalore? I see similar work in progress in many areas, does everyone like the work being put in around Bengaluru?


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Quality work

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 This is good quality stuff.... Are there similar slopes near ped xings?

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Four points to check footpath quality

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Good observation. After all that documentation, I decided its better to simplify and minimialise so that its easier to communicate.

1. Footpath width : Is it a minimum of 1m at every given point along the strech. Thats good enough for a wheelchair.

2. Surface quality : Even, Firm, Well-drained, Non-slip, Flush joints

3. Access ramps : Slopes into road whever it crosses the road (as IDS mentioned)

4. Identity maintained: Wherever a road crosses the footpath ( - yes, rather than the other way around)

Maybe, next time you are around that place, could you know how it does w.r.t to these parameters



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Will post more pics

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Work is still on at most places, I have been taking pics at all stages of work, so have lots of observations. Will take measurements and post soon.

Perhaps, this would be the first Praja certified work from BBMP :)

Good work, safe to walk, all cement. Space left for trees without strangling them - there are 1.5 ft x 1.5 ft unpaved spots where trees have been left.

Work on drains would be tested in rains - roads should drain fast, haven't had a chance to check more on where would the road side drains empty up. Should all go to Varthur Lake I am sure, just need to check if work is being done on this front as well.

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Okay, more pics. Work is still in progress

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So looks like it is all part of the plan to make main roads of whitefield "dust free". Varthur Road, and Brookfields/ITPL road are seeing massive pavement upgrade, progressing really well. Some more pics. But before that, one comment. Tiles are an overkill in my mind. Solid cement surface is good enough, don't need anything more on top of that. Will post more pics when I get a chance to clarify what I mean here.






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 The difference between poverty and prosperity is the quality of infrastructure. It is not the namesake asphalt in the name of infrastructure. These whitefield pictures are encouraging.

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More pics - from Vinod

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The tiles are perhaps an overkill, unless they lower the cost of maintenance.






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Effect of tiling the footpath

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Reviving this old post for a brief comment.  Similar footpath work was done on ITPL main road (Kundanahalli gate  till about Graphite India).  Even after the footpath concreting was done, I used to complain that people do not walk on the footpath.

Few months back, they came and tiled the footpath which gave it a better look than the concrete finish.  Also, it probably "defined" a walking area because at many locations there was a parallel drain cover.  Whatever it is, now many more people walk on the footpath! That is an interesting learning and very relevant.  Once a well defined path is provided, people do actually use the facility.

Contrast this with the footpaths provided in Marathalli near and around the ORR intersection.  The footpath is too narrow for the large volume of pedestrian traffic (ctually it is too narrow for any volume of pedestrian traffic.  One simply does not feel like walking there). The gaps in the railings provided do not correspond to the bus stop locatons (both formal and informal).  Net result : People walk everywhere but on the footpath.

Unless the facilities are designed for the transaction occuring at a location, there are not used - an obvious conclusion.  Further, any facility - such as the footpaths in the Whitefield area need a certain aesthetic quality of finish also in order for people to use it.  Adding the tiles did not add any significant utility to the footpath, but did lead to increased use.


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 Adding tiles and definition

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 Adding tiles and definition has not made anybody in the posh RMV 2nd stage (dollars colony)  to use foot paths. Even learned folks in jogging shoes in the morning blissfully walk/jog/exercise in the middle of the road.

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interesting, there go my conclusions down the drain

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@ iDS - i am not sure what to say to that observation.  Am very sure of the impact of tiling in the Kundanahalli area, because this was one of my pet peeves.  people not using a perfectly good footpath.  However, now most people use the footpath and the only observable change is the tiles. 

I have seen examples of older people preferring the road and not the footpath.  I think even the best of footpaths have ups and downs and the odd obstacles such as trees, tree stumps and transformer cables and the getting on and off the platform at every gate.  My guess is that an even better quality footpath is needed to make it attractive to older segment of population. Just a guess - I am basing this on close observation of couple of senior citizens in my family with an increased tendency to get tripped up by small things with advancing age.


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Now, at eCity phase 2

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 Nice that this post has been revived, I was thinking to create a new post on this subject. Now I have seen footpath work started at eCity phase-2 (East Phase, as they call it).  Work has been going on for 3 weeks. I will have few pics by week-end. 

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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arthritis and legs..

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 Was reading on the web that good footpaths make a big difference in the kind of issues we face as we age..lot of undulations on the unscientific footpaths will leed to increased stress on the joints and will lead to painful issues like arthritis..

Btw the same article was also talking of why not many Indian women do not have great looking knees..this was also related to the regular walking they do on uneven surfaces!  

So please fix those footpaths for knees sake! ;-) comment guidelines

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