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Want to help make KSRTC website better?

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Heard from KSRTC recently. The email had twin prupose as I saw it.

One, KSRTC wants to know if we have noticed their recently upgraded website (looks nice, lots of info). Next, they'd really appreciate if we can give them suggestions to make the website even better and more commuter friendly. We could use this post to collect all suggestions via comments, and perhaps one of us can volunteer to merge all comments and then take them up with KSRTC.

Here is the mail from KSRTC.

"... hope some of you have seen the website recently. We did some changes 6 months back to include Online bus services schedules. One can also do online advance booking for bus tickets through icici payment gateway provided therein. Besides, other details about Ksrtc agents, offices, contact details and  operations are also provided.

However, I would like to have website further modified from commuter point of view and look towards your community or any other resource persons for this. The end users can contribute and also gain from the changes that get carried out.

Do you think some among you all can volunteer for this?

If you have any ideas, pl suggest.

Pour your suggestions (from commuter's viewpoint). And do keep KSRTC rants for separate threads, not here :)


SB aka Pranav


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Some tech feedback

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The links on the left dont work while the same options on the bottom do.

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Some User experience and tech feedback

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The sites overall user experience is bad it has to dramatically improve and some of us here can be of help. Like idontspam said some links are not working and I am sure KSRTC has no QA that works to check these tech issues. It can be more robust and database driven like search based. If users put in a citys name they should be able to search for schedules based on their destinations.


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The website is quite cluttered and doesn't work so well on my Mac. Also I dont see why they need to have so much going on - too many advts, for example. The same thing applies to the IRCTC web site - while it works well, once again its sort of chaotic. I never understand why they can make a simple, clean website - check out for example. 

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reservation interface

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 I think "powered by radiantinfo" has not done a good job. The bookings generally have a standard interface like in the deutshe bhan link or any other travel portal. Standard interface makes it easier to accomplish tasks

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Requirements gathering

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  I am sure KSRTC has no QA that works to check these tech issues

This is one reason. They have oviously given the job of building the site to a company which has given them a hodge podge set of links to pdf's on the portal most of which dont even work. I am sure the company may have its defence ready, we asked for requirements, they didnt have any, so we just gave them links to what they already had. 

This leads us to the other reason. We may need to help KSRTC with offline requirements gathering pro-bono. Considering what KSRTC does for its living and considering the users of the site what are the minimum salient features that should be available on the site which needs to be built. More then the fault finding they would need to know what is worth having on the portal. 

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Can help

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minus43 and me can help with any techie job. Let us know if we are meeting or anything to discuss what needs to be done.

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1) Its sometimes difficult to produce ID proof during boarding to bus after reservation, so KSRTC can think of a alternative.

2) Bus seats arrangements are different from what its showed in the reservation screen in website. This leads to confusion and hesitation when boarded with family.

Thanking You,

Shrinidhi Hosmane

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Lot of work on this one

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I notice the site has mixed up information for all users. There are different types of users for this site: traveller, tourist, business partner, press/media, fanclub etc. The most striking missing gestalt element is proximity to similar elements. The icon links like counter information and B1 booking competes with photo gallery for space. The environmental policy belongs to the category like IT in KSRTC. And the most important seat reservations is down there with the franchise information.....

Lot of work on this one needed

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So, to go on...

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Here are some simple drivers for the site. It should allow the traveller to 
  1. Check if KSRTC has a service to where he wants to go.
  2. See route maps, distance, how long it will take and number of changes he has to make.
  3. Check the time tables for when and where he can get the service to where he wants to go
  4. If he doesnt know where he wants to go, he should be able to see what cities and points of tourist interest KSRTC covers. (link to tourist of specific sites to read more about the place)
  5. Allow him to book tickets one way, return journey etc for that place. Include e ticketing etc so he can finish the transaction before he leaves the web site 

For the non traveller user it could provide history, about KSRTC, information on how it is organized etc to find out more about KSRTC. For the media the usual Press rleases, etc. For business partners the tenders and information on stuff they can participate on etc. 

It is important to group information on the page specifically to target users instead of mixing them up like they have.

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KSRTC On-Line Bkg & Payment

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Hi All,

I am sorry to be late here - I had used this site for booking a ticket first in Oct-2008 & had found it very convenient as tickets can be booked, seats chosen, payment done, ticket printed - all without stepping out, & in about 15 minutes flat.

Since then, I have tended to use this more because of the on-line convenience it offers though I prefer train or air travel (Air reservations on-line are also very easy).

I have always had problems with railway bookings ( as response on the web page is extremely slow & further, all credit cards are not accepted, even though the reach by railways is much larger than KSRTC.

The feedback above suggests that some more improvement may be needed, though as someone who has made quite a few bookings so far (four times, to be precise), I have never faced any problems & in fact, I am quite happy with it.

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End of the road?

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The feedback above suggests that some more improvement may be needed, though as someone who has made quite a few bookings so far (four times, to be precise), I have never faced any problems & in fact, I am quite happy with it.

That adresses point 5. How well does it accomplish 1 to 4?

The reservation microsite does not allow a person to explore options, plan a holiday look at maps. check out routes etc. We can do all of the above maybe on different sites but what brings value is the ability to do all in one place. Its not just about booking tickets for those who already know what they want. You need to register to be able to even search for options. For a tourist or causal traveller it is counter intutive. The microsite needs to integrate with the main site during the exploratory stage at the very least.

Greyhound and Eurolines are good examples to go through. 

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Service search feature

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 I notice service search has been included since the last comment a few days ago. But the result throws out a data dump which is quite comprehensive. Since the data is already there, is it possible to superimpose the data onto a map to show visually with distances etc? 

I know it was done in a hurry but instead of a single location to every other location another drop down with the same list but make it between the 2 locations chosen. If the second option is not chosen the the default can be assumed to be every other city. And then you put a calander for the 2 locations with a return trip option and voila you have a planner ready. 

If between the 2 locations there is no direct connection then the via places need to be translated into a change and the total time for waiting next bus from there to the destination etc like google maps. There is no public transport option for google maps. Maybe KSRTC can tie up with google maps and integrate it into the website. 

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Please connect with Syed

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Santsub, minus43, megabytes - I have connected syed (kbsyed61) with KSRTC. Please drop a private message to Syed to plan a little gig/project to give consolidated input to KSRTC on their website.

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SB - we are on it :) thanks

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 SB - we are on it :) thanks comment guidelines

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