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1-800-call-bbmp for complaints - virtual BangaloreOne

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Wish there was a single BBMP helpline. 1800-call-bbmp like thing. Flow could be like this

  • Dial 1800-call-bbmp
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system greets you
  • Asks you the area for which you are calling
  • Based on the area you say (or punch in on phone), automatically redirects you to the helpdesk for you area
  • In there you further get options to pick the type of compaint (electrical, garbage etc)
  • finally, you leave your complaint like a voice mail.
  • At BBMP end, such "voice mails" sit on queues of complaint officers for different areas. They just go through the complaints one by one, and record their responses.
  • Then, these recorded responses are delivered back to the caller (who left the complaint) via an automated outbound phone dialer.

To round it off, this IVR system would have a way for me to search for my recent complaints. Just give your phone number, and your recent complaints and responses to them (if available) are played back to you.

And finally, BBMP can publish nice monthly stats on usage and response levels of this complaints system.

How is this for a dream? A scalable, and more inclusive system - better than random numbers published here and there, or web based system which would not be easily available to all. And seems possible, technology is there.

Add more services to this IVR based system, and we will have a "Virtual BangaloreOne".


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Why not file a PIL?

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PILs are the way to improve this country.

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Just a note to people who will visit this page looking for BBMP Telephone numbers. The 1-800-CALL-BBMP or 1-800-2255-2267 as stated in the post is a suggestion and not actual BBMP toll free number. Please visit BBMP website for actual numbers Click Here comment guidelines

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