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Traffic enforcement - the new interceptors

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Noticed some new data on Traffic Police website - enforcement statistics for these new things called the interceptors (see bottom of this page). You would have seen one of these on Ring Roads, and on Nh7 road to BIAL as well.

Bangalore Traffic Interceptor

With 4 such interceptors, Traffic Police booked 4234 cases in April 2009. total fine amount collected was Rs 12.5 lakhs.

How do we make sense of these numbers?

Assuming an even split, each interceptor did 1058 cases in April, netting Rs 3.1 lakhs in fines.

That would be ~ 35 cases and ~ Rs 10500 in fines per day.

Assuming these interceptors are in operation 18 hours a day, we are talking about 2 cases per hour.

It will be tempting to compare this with overall stats. (for some reason, the enforcement stats page is not visible on BCP website  - I am sure its a tech problem, they wouldn't want to hide data). Not to worry, lets pick stats from my previous post, Picking traffic fine stats from 2008:

  • On average 1.5 lakh cases were booked per month in 2008. thats 5000 a day.
  • Assuming 1200 (out of total 1800) traffic police personnel to be actively at it, you get  each person doing 4 cases a day.

4 cases/day/person vs 35 cases/day/interceptor. Now If Mr Sood is putting 2 cops in each interceptor, then each traffic cops is landing 17 cases per day.

Interesting jump in per person enforcement productivity there - 4 and 17.

Another interesting thing to note is that avg fine collection per case for interceptors is Rs 300. Where as it is about Rs 150 overall (4.8 lakh tickets have produced Rs 6.5 Crores in 2009).

That tells you that these interceptors could be issuing tickets only for dangerous driving or speeding, both of which are worth Rs 300. (http://www.bangaloretraff...)

For whatever it is worth, I am avoiding the temptation to make some assumptions on "expected" enforcement productivity to calculate the "gap", and thus predict the volume of corruption in traffic police's fine collection system. Will do that later, with latest data, once the enforcement stats page on Bangalore Traffic Police site becomes visible yet again.


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Paying for themselves

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How much do these cost?

Not that fines and cases is the only measure of traffic police's effectiveness, but given that these interceptors "doing" Rs 10500 per day, or 3.1 lakhs per month, these are pretty cost effective tools.

Tavera would be about 8 lakhs, all the gadgets max another 7-8. At 15 , or even 20 lakhs a unit, these things are paying fo themselves in 7 months.

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Yes, It seems to be a very cost effective method. i dont see them loosing business for the next couple of years!

"we are talking about 2 cases per hour."

- I just find that a bit low. Sometimes, if you stand on the street and count the basic no. of violations by people at an intersection you can find around 2/min.

At a signal light, every time a light turns red you can easily assume that the last 2 vehicles out of the junction have broken the light . So considering an average light is 60-80s - that means atleast 1 case/min.

A cabbie on the BIA Road (bellary road) once mentioned that it is not possible to get away with a bribe if caught by the interceptor. I hope that is true. Its another plus point.

The real factor again here would be cashless transactions. let these interceptors not collect any Money. Let them all issue challans, and the fines be paid at B-One centres or Online or police stations. This way Not having enough money in your pockets can be eliminated especially in remote areas without ATMs around.

I really like the concept of Interceptors - and I hope we get a few more of them on all main roads. Maybe we can have a "BIG 10" interceptor fleet that works on the BIG 10 roads!

Narayan Gopalan
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A complete Info:

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:: Moving Enforcement / Survelliance ::

Bangalore Traffic Interceptor

Since it is not possible to put enforcement/surveillance cameras at every junction, traffic police has acquired 4 interceptors for deployment by surprise. Very soon traffic police will add 5 more interceptors.

Interceptor is capable of recording all types of traffic violations including drunken driving.

Performance of Enforcement through Interceptor
Fine Amount (Rs)


TOTAL 17390 4965400




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