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BIAL connectivity - train to Chikkaballapur?

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Public Transport

Bangalore TOI, Mar 6, page 2:

"... Planners have, therefore, suggested making use of the existing railway corridor ... the proposed train between Chikballapur and Bangalore city will be taken up as a priority. Two trains run between the city and Chikkaballapur and these trains can be utilized if there is a demand,’’ divisional manager of Southwestern Railway, Mahesh Mangal, told TOI."

Good to see someone wake up to this possibility that Vasanth/others have suggested here a few times already. This would be the track in question:

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More from that TOI article:

"... the official clarified that the existing infrastructure cannot support separate train services between the airport and the city. “Any kind of connectivity requires a frequency which is not possible with the present infrastructure. The idea can be implemented only if the infrastructure is upgraded,’’ Mangal said ... But traffic planners see it the other way. “The track between the city and Chikballapur does not handle much of the trains. At fixed intervals, there can be trains from Devanahalli to Bangalore. It requires minimal infrastructure. Moreover, about two km of railway line abuts the compound wall of Devanahalli airport,’’ explained chairman of Traffic Engineering and Safety Trainer"

Lets hope this trail is taken further and the Janata trains might give the dedicated express trains the jitters.

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beware, its a toi story!

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Mr. Mangals stmt is PR correct. Lets take the BIAL context out of it and it would sound similar to train to shravanabelagola. No users? lets drop it!

What we know of the earlier plan of the exclusive train also using the existing tracks is the eventual promoters of the projects would possibly object to working with IR! since they have already started the SPV's for the exclsuive train why would railways come in their way of splitting ridership?

Anyways, as TS had asked abt magic boxes for RUB/ROB on the route...IR has been using this tech from quite sometime now although not shouting abt it like the thats not a problem!


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crs vs. barl

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why would railways come in their way... they(railways) ought to seduce and break the kuchi-kuchi of barl simply 'coz 30 railway bucks take you where 200 barl bucks dont. why do we forget bial is but a stop the real destination people will want to get to is north bangalore? think about it, 300 acres of airport city, its workers, bial workers, and sundry other development around it and its workers, at multicrore a pop sites. you think any of these folks have the monies to make home in the north? in winter all birds head south.
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Another Hosur road?

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I completely agree with tarlesubba. With good roads, airport and lots of projects coming over there, I'm sure NH7 from Hebbal to Devanahalli would turn out to be another Hosur Road in next 3-5 years. So, it makes sense to have multi-mode transport on that sector right now.


-- navshot
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SWR doesn't think much of it

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Connectivity Blues
TNN, March 9, 2008
It’s a no-no situation. The proposed high-speed rail link from the city to the Bengaluru International Airport has no takers.

While the Airports Authority of India (AAI) and Union government refused to have any stake in the project, the Railways has completely washed its hands of the connectivity plan.
After saying ‘no’ to extending the existing Kolar line on National Highway 7 up to Devanahalli airport to ferry passengers, the Railways distanced itself from the proposed implementation of high-speed rail connecting BRV Grounds on M G Road to the airport.
“Our infrastructure is not capable of providing tracks for high-speed rail proposed at a cost of Rs 3,716 crore. Urban rail connectivity or high-speed rail requires a dedicated track, either surface or elevated, to run trains at regular intervals. Providing intra-city connectivity is not our concern and as per the government of India policy, providing urban connectivity comes under the purview of the urban development ministry,’’ South Western Railway general manager Praveen Kumar said on Saturday.
Existing tracks have been designed to provide inter-city connectivity for passengers and freight which cannot be utilized for high-speed rail, he said.
However, SWR could run additional trains from Yelahanka to Devanahalli on the existing track linking Kolar. However, this would not serve the purpose and help air passengers in any way, Praveen Kumar said after inaugurating two passenger subway lifts at the city railway station.
The government is determined to provide connectivity to BIA and is going strong with the multi-crore high-speed rail project. It created a Special Purpose Vehicle —- Bangalore Airport Rail Link Ltd — for speedy execution of this muchneeded connectivity to the new airport, 30 km from the heart of the city.

“AAI and the Centre refused to have a stake in this project. With the creation of the SPV, things should move fast,’’ sources told Sunday Times of India. BIAL has come forward to invest 10% of the project cost. The blueprint specifies a city air terminal will be built at BRV Grounds and the track will run 34 km to the international airport with two stops —- Hebbal and Yelahanka.

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SWR attitude

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this sums it all up. SWR/IR is NOT going to do anything about CRS. Every single meter of public transport will have to be built from scratch. It might be useful to see how chennai and hyderabad got mrts done. as inefficient as they are, they are still useful networks. if they are not about urban connectivity then how did hyderabad and chennai get it done?
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SWR - Our own enemy

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As per the Hindi statement, Dushman Kahathe - Bagalmeche, SWR is our own enemy. A new zone was started with lot of hopes, atleast it should have maintained what it was, but it is worsening.

That was a good question how Chennai and Hyderabad got MRTS. We should put few agendas to our leader against Railways VatalNagaraj. Maybe he can force a bit for the development of railways.

Circular railway is the need of the hour. We can have a train between Kengeri to Chikkaballapur via Yeshwantpur, Kengeri to EC again Via Yeshwantpur, EC to Chikkaballapur via Byyappanahalli and Airport, Whitefield to Kengeri. Combinations are infinite, but should be based on people's movement. EC, Whitefield and the upcoming international airport are the worst traffic hit areas and it should be concentrated more.

The main line between Bangalore and Byappanahalli is Busy Route, but the other line via Yeshwantpur is not that busy and double track is already in place. There is a link b/n Yeshwantpur and Byappanahalli. 

SWR should also start Non-Stop train service between Tumkur and Bangalore during office hours. Track doubling is almost complete between Tumkur to Bangalore. It takes only 55 minutes in a non-stop train between the two cities. This will offload lot of families to Tumkur who are working in and around Majestic, Malleshwaram and Yeshwantpur. Now commuters have to depend upon a Passenger train which takes a whooping 2 hrs between the 2 cities.

SWR has fully become Hubli Centric now. Earlier, SR was Tamilnadu Centric, now SWR is Hubli Centric. All the powerful engines are being used to haul only Hubli bound trains.

Bangalore-Mysore trains used to be ontime during SR time, now after Bangalore division became SWR, it is always slow without any concern about timings. Most of the trains reaching Chennai are almost on time which is still SR whereas Mysore-Bangalore trains are not ontime which is just 140kms as compared to 300+ of Chennai. 



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PIL to target SWR or Railway ministry?

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Vasanth, can we do something to force Railway ministry or SWR to look at augmenting Bangalore tracks for providing urban transport? I am sure other memebers here will pitch in with support.

They have the land around their tracks. They could build tracks on top of existing tracks, that would cost much less than doing a new express rail (no land to acquire, minimal fight with NHAI etc, except where you hit roadbridges.

One change in SWR's attitude - may not be their fault, may be its someone else unwilling to be creative here - and 30% Bangalore transportation problems could be eased. We got to get some answers from them.

Naveen, blrsri, others, mail me please. we can send an RTI request first to get stats of their tracks, usage, available land around their tracks in Bangalore etc, and then plan meeting SWR general manager, or a PIL if we can do it.

(silkboard at gmail d com)

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Can't BIAL and SWR collaborate

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If BIAL or whoever has been given the authority for the connectivity provides SWR with incentives to use the exisiting rail road and infrastructure to implement the high speed connection with that, I think both will come out ahead.

Right now, SWR does not see any gains in it. But if they can be provided some returns (probably one time infrastructure leasing fees, or a long term return on each ticket sold or whatever would be most beneficial to both).

It is high time, not only bangalore but all cities in india move away from the dependency on individual vehicles - for several reasons

1. the high cost of petrol.

2. pollution and enviornmental damage

3. Safety - the 2 wheelers seem to be very prone to fatal accidents.


Why can't everyone work together to make it better for the citizens and in the process turn bangalore into a cleaner better place like it once used to be.


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Finally Chikballapur evening Train extended to Kolar

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The services of train numbers 56525- 56526 Bengaluru City- Chikkaballapur- Bengaluru City passenger will be extended to Kolar with effect from Monday. The train will leave Bengaluru City at 6.10 pm and reach Chikkaballapur at 7.45 pm and Kolar at 9 pm. In the return direction, it will leave Kolar at 6 am and reach Bengaluru at 9.45 am.

The train will stop at Giddanahalli, Shidlaghatta, Hunasehahalli, Chintamani, Doddaghatta, Srinivasapur, Dalasanur, Gootihalli and Janaghatta.

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