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Safety - how do we enforce it?

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Road safety isn't only about rash driving, seat-belts or using cellphones. A thing like this (pic on left) can easily turn into that (pic on right): Isn't it? What if you were riding or driving behind the blue truck (above) when its load came crashing down on the road? Not that there are no rules regarding carrying loads. Can't extend your vehicle's length by a certain percentage, and you got to tie a red cloth or light at the end of your extended load. If you notice the first picture, there is a cloth tied to a metal rod, but 1) it is black more than red, and 2) isn't tied at the very end. So now, what can a commoner do? Mail these pics to DCP Traffic? Or tell a cop as soon as you spot one? I tried the second method right after taking the first picture. The cop wasn't sure if this was either illegal or dangerous. I couldn't convince him, but I did appreciate the fact that he took the time to indulge in a civilized debate! You know, they are all usually nice if you are nice to them, but the thing is, they have a habit of "ignoring" small offences. And you and me know very well that ignoring one is encouraging three. [Note: Thanks Srinivas for that photo of blue truck in trouble]


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more serious.

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on the first pic the steel rods are tied to the head of the truck. nevertheless, this is a real safety hazard. and requires 101% attention and a thick skin to maintain safety buffer inspite of honkers. what would if the truck suddenly stops and the people behind are distracted during that crucial 1/2 a second?

this is what happenned in thailand, some miscalculation by two guys on bike behind a truck carrying steel, and a steel road pierced through both the bike riders head. horrible stuff.

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Wasnt there a rule that

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Wasnt there a rule that lorries wouldnt be allowed to ply during peak hours.Is that rule not valid now?The picture above with the lorry looks like a deserted road.where is it? comment guidelines

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