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Yedi - cool to NICE and BMIC?

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Very short post this one. ToI (Saturday, Aug 4) had carried an interview of the CM-in-waiting Mr Yediyurappa, and I found this answer very interesting:

TOI: Were you consulted on the change in government’s policy on BMIC?

Yedi: I was consulted. But I don’t want to elaborate whether the stand will remain consistent or not as I’ve some reservations. However, former President A P J Abdul Kalam and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh have been repeatedly stressing that the Karnataka government give importance to infrastructure.

So, Yedi doesn't promise consistency and he has some reservations. If Yedi can say that much in a prominent interview, I bet his political friends (HDK and clan) would have heard more than that. Could this explain the recent surge in BMIC related activities - do as much as you can before you lose the Simhaasana?

PS: Whether Yedi will get his chance to run the state or not, that is another matter.




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cookie cutter scenario

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This is prolly how HDK will crumble the cookie - 

HDK implements a slew of constraints on BMIC and blocks lane for BMIC before exiting. Then yields to Yedi. Yedi cannot continue with the HDKs agenda for BMIC due to political, caste or whatever reasons. But he cannot overturn any of HDK's decisions. If Yedi even considers removing any of the constraints, HDK will give Yedi the stick. HDK maintains face in his votebase.

Yedi prolly will try to maintain statusquo on BMIC for the next 20 mos without appearing to upset BMIC through prolonged inverse litigations.

Hopefully he'll see through gottigere atleast.

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Overturning decisions

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If Yedi can indeed overturn decisions, that may be good for the project and a positive move this time. But this "overturning" business is a problem in general. There is never a final decisions as new governments can easily go back and overturn or put up roadblocks. If it is safe to say that Karnataka currently has a bad reputation on PPP projects, then state govt has to work at keeping consistency in decisions across governments. Anyway, all that is big talk. Right now, Courts are better placed to call the shots on BMIC. comment guidelines

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