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Report from Devanahalli

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Srivathsa mailed in this report from his drive to Devenahalli yesterday:

"Drove yesterday to Devanahalli on some other work. The road after Hebbal flyover is in pretty good shape. There are no real bottlenecks there - but a number of potential accident zones. The real bottlenecks are at Cauvery theatre, then the stretch along UAS or just before that. Very narrow roads with a number of right turns and intersections. Some serious de-bottlenecking needs to be done along this stretch.

Once past Hebbal - a grade separator is needed at the entry to yelahanka town. Of course a really bad accident will probably have to happen before something gets done. Then along the way there are a number of intersections where grade separators as well as pedestrian overpasses are needed. They also need to plan some elevated U-turns.

Work was happening on the trumpet interchange. No work was happening at the railway crossing close to Devenahalli- there was a skeleton of a flyover.

I also drove on NH-207 connecting Devanahalli and Hoskote. Apparently Hoskote is just 26 km from Devanhalli. This road is apparently going to become part of the STRR. There is a road connecting the east gate of the airport to this road.

Finally saw the actual airport (from a distane though). The other day - had seen it from the air when flying back from Bombay. The runway is huge and seemed to be almost finished. I hope they do put a train service sooner than later to the airport.

Let’s see… I am amazed that we actually have a 70% completed airport."


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yeah sri, get used to it,

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yeah sri, get used to it, there is going o be a new airport next year by this time. now to get there is another story.

that story says works on the rail will not start before '09 and then take 6-8 years to complete. i really wonder why so long. 

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if the delays are so

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if the delays are so pronounced then the argument for HAL will only get louder
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What happened to elevated road stated earlier?

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Earlier, 4 years back, Government of Karnataka was telling that they are going to construct elevated road from Windsor Manor bridge to Devanahalli on the existing road. Entire matter got "DISAPPEARED" with time. If they had planned and started constructing the same 4 years back, it would have completed by now. No extra land aquisition problems would have been needed. A 3 lane flyover like Mysore Road Flyover (Mysore road flyover is 2 lane), would have sorted out on the existing road. Our Government never plans long distance elevated roads and flyovers. For the train, long goes the Metro train from Devanahalli to Bangalore. Existing railway track running from Chikkaballapur to Bangalore can be used with Pushpull trains or DMUs running at a frequency of half an hour until the Metro train actually comes up. Later on, once Metro train is planned and starts operating (only after 10 years), this track can be used to transport Cargo from Airport. comment guidelines

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