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Biding for Bidadi vs SEZ at Nandagudi

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SKIL Did you notice how quick this Nandagudi SEZ thing is moving!? After state government's nod over a month ago, It got central government's clearance last week. HDK is all for the project and has been defending it no end.

Now, head a bit south-west to Bidadi. Apparently this huge integrated township project got a poor response. DLF is the only one left biding for Bidadi Integrated Township Project (BITP) now.

The general idea here is to 'spread' Bangalore around, but two different approaches are in play. Last year, BMRDA's satellite township plans were all the rage. All of a sudden, now, we have SEZs, one planned at Nandagudi, and if this report is to be believed, 2 similar proposals coming for Ramanagaram and Solur.

A key difference between the two approaches is in the way land will be acquired. Government will help acquire land and resettle the "displaced" for integrated township projects (see BITP acquisition and rehab package here). Whereas, SKIL will have do that itself for its SEZ (HDK quote - "It is up to the promoter to convince the farmers and acquire the land").

Perhaps the lessons learnt by BMRDA from bids at Bidadi are being applied by HDK in other satellite regions.


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If not the Airport.. at least the Township

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Wasn't Bidadi touted for the International Airport before Devanahalli?
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that was ages ago! if they

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that was ages ago! if they get the connectivity right then atleast eco wise D is a better location than B. sb... lots of confusion according to this one of the reasons why everyone else pulled out of Bidadi was compensation.

Bidadi and Nandagudi SEZs were scarpped

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The tenders for both are now invalid. Even Mukesh Ambani's Maha Reliance SEZ could only at best acquire 1% of the land that they wanted to acquire. Sabeer Bhatia's NanoCity in Joint Venture with Parsvnath Developers is facing the same problem. comment guidelines

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