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BMRDA townships and the new SEZs

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When I first heard about Nandagudi SEZ, I was confused. After all, Nandagudi is one of the five peripheral localities where BMRDA is planning to setup integrated townships. If you dont believe me, go to this BMRDA page for reference, it says Bidadi, Ramanagaram, Solur, Santhanur and Nandagudi. We know that work on Bidadi integrated township is in the works, BMRDA has invited bids etc. We were told that once they learn things a bit at Bidadi, similar bids would be invited for other four townships as well.

With that background, tell me if my confusion is valid. To top it further, I read last week that SEZ things are in progress for Ramangaram, Solur and Santhanur as well. What exactly is it then? Are these peripheral SEZs meant to be competition for BMRDA’s integrated townships? Or are they meant to complement? Or, are they part of BMRDA’s peripheral plans themselves?

BMRDA’s peripheral plans are the best and, with the exception of BMIC, the only practical and viable plan to de-congest and re-plan Bangalore. City spreads around a bit, with nice road network to go from one peripheral area to another (those ring roads) - I am super excited about this possibility in not so far future.

But this SEZ thing has me looking for some answers now. Anyone has any valid ones? If you have read my earlier posts, I am not a big fan of the SEZ idea as such. Even then, I don’t see them to be that bad a thing provided all the land acquisition muddle can be sorted out in politically correct ways. Just that these huge SEZs need to fit in with the nice plans they have to build namma Greater Bangalore. Thats all my lord.


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why are you against the SEZ

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why are you against the SEZ idea? GK Pillai on SEZs Part I GK Pillai on SEZs Part II
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the SEZ thing ...

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... at least they way it was presented initially seems to be an un-democratic idea to me. Who decides that one region leapfrog others in development? And how? Good decisions or bad, people certainly don't have a say in the decision making process. I am not toeing the leftist line, but the all-out thrust has to be on infrastructure development all across the board, and then let states, cities, and villages (as de-central as you can get) etc compete for business.


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