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BBMP - Why do they need road widening on roads that are already wide !!

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There is complete chaos with the markings that BBMP has made on the properties on 100 ft road in JP Nagar, where they say they will now take part of our property to widen a already wide road.

1. MOM of the CDP meeting classifies this as a medium density road, why would the BBMP need more than a 100 ft road for a medium density road.

2. The Peripheral ring road is getting ready, should they not divert all heavy vehicles to that road which would then mean there would be no need for road widening

3. These are BDA allotted sites, not some gochi land from some private player.

4. Jayanagar and JP Nagar are one among the well planned layouts, are they going to destroy that by doing things in the short term view

5. When and what road size will ever be enough when there are no measure being put in place to control the number of vehicles a family can own, additional taxes, tolls on some of the busy roads etc...

6. These are homes, we have been living in... who will pay for us to reconstruct another like this?

The BBMP needs to stop taking arbit decisions and actions and take the community into confidence and take a common sensical apporach.

I hope common sense is "common " enough!!

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