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Why regular traffic on BTM Roads?

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TrafficTraffic jams

Many people who use the BTM stretch of the Outer RING RD face daily traffic jam for about one hour or so. The place am taking is between UDUPI GARDEN to SILK Board signal. The same in reverse direction. But the trouble is more in former.

Public have various versions for the traffic jam between these two points. The various reasons may be:

  • a) Narrow road
  • b) BUS stop(Near AXA) and many other factors ...

But if we clearly observe the reason behind it is the Home Guard positioned near the 29th Main causing the Traffic.

Let me explain how it happens.

The 29th Main rd connects to Banerghatta Rd passing through the BTM lake rd (This is the short cut rd). On this rd only cars, 2-wheelers and company buses ply. No BMTC buses ply on this rd. Also the no. of company buses is less as compared to the cars and 2 wheelers. As you proceed towards the BTM(almost near) you encounter a Median Gap which leads to 31st main  (Keep this 31st Main Rd in mind as this will also come into picture!)

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1) The Home Guard positioned near the 29th main Jn signal gives priority to the 29th Main rd rather than the Main rd Traffic. (consider either from Udpi Garden or Silk Board).

Even if the no. of Vehicles is less than 10 or so on the 29th Main rd, he GIVES GREEN SIGNAL to that rd  even if there is Traffic pile up from AXA to Udpi Garden Signal. 

2) Do you anyone know when he lets the GREEN SIGNAL for the main rd vehicles proceeding towards silk board??? 
    He lets the Green Signal when the traffic is not moving at all past 31st main rd or when their is little space availbale for the traffic to move. 

When the traffic is moving freely beyond the 31st main rd, at that point of time the Home Guard givves the RED signal for Main rd Traffic and gives the Green Signal to the 29TH main rd even if no traffic.

I know many readers doesn't believe this fact but I'd like to inform you all that,,,, kindly spend 30mins at the AXA signal during morning and you will only come to know.

3) The motorists or the cars users using 29th main rd from the Banerghatta rd or lake rd, will take diversion at the Median gap which I earlier mentioned to avoid signal @AXA and enter to the 31st main rd. 

This road is just beside the BTM bus stand. Even here the police (traffic cop) does the same method as that of the Home Guard. 

At the same time , have a watch at the silk board signal. Even if the Green Siganl is for longer duration, you can't see vehciles back to back. We see huge gap in the movement when the signal is GREEN.  Reason: The response of personal modes is very slow as compared to public mode(auto,BMTC,private,cabs)

So I'd like to say that the traffic pile up that is happening from Udapi Garden Signal to Silk Board is created by the Traffic cops.

Note: The traffic signal @ 29Th main(AXA) is MANUALLY operated by the Home Guard. 

So if this is the situation, then think what will BMTC passengers think. Becoz of this, some passengers tend to shift to PERSONAL modes. 

Now whom do you blame!!??


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Good analysis - no Buses on shortcuts encourage car/bike use

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The summary is that the shortcuts save time for private vehicles. And just to let 3-4 cars/bikers go on the "short cut" to Banerghatta Road, the traffic cops stop traffic on the trunk road (Outer Ring Road). And the short cut doesn't have any BMTC buses on it. Things like these here and there only encourage more usage of private vehicles.

And mind you, we are talking about the heavily used silkboard to jayadeva flyover to sangam circle stretch. 2 saturdays ago, it took 1 hour to go from Silk board flyover to Sangam Circle, in a Bus (500c) of course.

What's the solution then? Close the median on 29th and 31st main roads on Outer Ring Road? Or put some Buses on the "short cut" road?

I have some answers, but will wait for this discussion to develop a bit more.

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**The traffic officials should give priority to the main rd where BMTC/public transport is moving.

**Close the median which is present in 29th main rd.

** Sir, BMTC is not ready to ply buses on the 29th main rd even though many requests regarding it has already posted.

** The RED signal timing for the 29th main should be more and GREEN signal less, there by making personal transport users forcibley to shift to PUBLIC TRANS.

** The AXA signal(i.e, MAIN rd ) should be syncronized with Silk board signal.

Explaination: As we know that the signals are manually operated by the cops durig peak hours. The cops use walke talke for communication too. With the help of this device, when the silk board signal is Turned GREEN let the message be passed to AXA signal cop. Say after some few minutes, the AXA main rd Signal is turned Green hence by this atleast the traffic snarls can be reduced to some extent.


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