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Humour laden ideas for BTRAC's creative project

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Last week we discussed KRDCL's decision to involve a creative agency to improve driver behaviour. The enthusiasm of praja members was evident and several of us wondered if it is worth giving a shot at this!!

As cosmic coincidence would have it, we also got hooked to satiric videos from a Bangalore based groups of youngsters on youtube. Our friends from make wonderful, homemade, 100% organic videos that mock popular culture, Current affairs, News, Controversies, TV shows, Personalities and just about everything else.

In what consultants would call a 'synergistic opportunity', we put the one and one together and asked them if they will be game to jump in with us on this.

So the plan is this:

On this post we discuss ideas/plots and other necessary things to make videos and other mass communication material.

Please leave a comment here if

  • You have an idea
  • You have the technical/creative background relevant to this
  • You are willing to contribute resources (hardware, software, locations to shoot etc).
  • Anything other way you think can be of help.

I would leave it to the folks to coordinate and manage the creative front (finalising the plot, shooting editing etc).

Can we have a volunteer to take care of the paperwork to write expression of interest?

If we are disqualified for not being big/experienced enough to bid/compete, worst comes to worse, we will have a nice video that we can try to market to Traffic Police and TV channels using our existing contacts.

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humor laden ideas for BTRAC's Creative project

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Wow, glad to hear the meeting with Mr. Sood went well.

Here's the stuff we talked about on those gmail chain mail.

"would love to be a part of this and share some ideas.

On that note:

Sharma and I started kicking around a few ideas along the lines of crossing the road haasya and spoof some golfer no one's heard about.

some british amateur golfer's parents were gushing at his getting silver in the british open, we can have a similar situation, where crossing MG road unscathed with no weapons of mass destruction is equated with acing the CAT or dare I say it, coming first in SSLC 10th standard exams

IITs=Indian Institute of TrafficS where they get high paying pension assured jobs as professional road crossers.
(After four years of training a  figure 8 around Anand Rao circle in 30 seconds..
Several subjects ranging from road rage to skirting pot holes, to making pot holes)

There can be a whole set of Tutorials along the lines of BASE , Career Launcher, Giraffe
maybe B.U.M.P, Career Crosser, Zebra,

Each with their own ads for students who successfully crossed the MG road in the annual exam.

Or conversely, depending on what media the campaign would work in, a trump card set of traffic violators.
The pondicherry government sticks their mugs on the promenade for everyone to see."

It'd also help to get some data on the demographics of traffic violators. Then it can be a more targetted campaign.

[blr_editor: Made a few changes to suit the context] 

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yellargu urgent!

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the only other place where everyone is in a hurry is perhaps at the loo or as yahoo blr calls its go-pi and go-pika. some rough sketches to give an idea. i think this loo thingie can be exploited for many other sketches. horn not ok. people standing in queque in front of the loo. (i will call guys by numbers for convenience. 1 first guy in q, 2 second and so on) guy 2 taps the guy 1 on his shoulder. (as if to say pakkak hogi, i am in a hurry) (anna, tap tap tap, anna tap^3, anna tap^3 ...) then 3, does this to 2 (bhai saab tap^3.....) 4, does this to 3 (saar tap^3 ....) guy 2 gets pissed off and starts tapping back at guy 1. pretty soon there is no queque. q breaks down. everybody is flapping at each other. somewith both hands. because yellargoo urgent. junction. people standing in q in front of q. wriggling. light on top of loo door red. inside the loo. whistling man combing hair checking himself out in the mirror. turns back adjusts zip. heads to door. opens door. light on top of the loo door on the outside goes green. man opens door. q breaks down. people crash into the door. clawing crawling pulling etc. etc. riot. blank screen. red light on door again. fighting people look up. guess who is in the loo? our hero has been pushed back into the queque. and rest are still outside. lane changing. 3 lines in front of 3 loos. tall guys, small guys, guys with kids, and so on... what happens when people start jumping from one q to another and starting cutting in front of others. one man jumps q to a shorter q. seeing this another guy jumps to that q. pretty soon that q becomes longer. and parent q becomes shorter. so one guy from middle jumps back to original q. and so on... and on... tailgating etc etc.... and so on... basic template, folks can cook up new scenarios. sound: perhaps everytime somebody jumps in, horn sound can be added. 'keek keek'. or whenever somebody taps somebody 'keek keek' can be added.
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bumper sticker

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Bumper sticker - DONT proclaim your HORNiness (dont and horn should be visible from say 15 ft, the rest from 5 ft)


Muralidhar Rao
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Guy searching for car parking in CBD

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We see lots of Bangaloreans becoming richer and richer and going for bigger and bigger cars. It is a practically known fact that driving these bigger cars in traffic affected areas and parking is a night mare. Still, these rich guys say one or the other 'pseudo reasons' and don't give up their big cars.

People struggle searching for car parking in high density areas like Jayanagar, Malleshwaram. You just can't bring a cigaratte from a petty shop which you see in front of your eyes. There is no parking in front of the petty shop and parking has to be done somewhere in the corner.

Some videos like this can be thoughtof. He can be compared to a bicycle / 2 wheeler rider  coming and parking , taking the cigarrate in a jiffy and going back by the time this guy parks the car, locks it, walks for some distance etc.

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How much will it take to produce a movie?

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Humurous take on traffic might have commercial appeal as well. What will it take to produce a low-budget but highly-creative movie? Praja members can fund it. And since the potential audience will design the movie right here, good chances that the product will be of sell-able quality.

What say?

A kannada movie of course. comment guidelines

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