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Catching the slippery one

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I often get stuck in traffic jams on my way to work. On those days when I am too tired to hold the book in the bus, I look out of the window to see if I can figure out the reason for the traffic jam. The first reason of course is that there are too many vehicles that come in too many varieties (as I wrote earlier). Obviously!! But the second reason is that there is always some moron or the other who tries to do something spectacular, like going on the wrong side of the road, crossing the yellow line or something and then the whole traffic collapses into a catastrophic chaos.

I must admit I have had my share of jumping the red light, over taking from the wrong side etc. But as always is the case, I never get caught. Exactly! If I was caught the first time I jumped a signal or parked in no parking, and penalized heavily, chances are that I would never ever do it again. Believe me, I have lived in Singapore. The fine system works just fine.

So now we have a solution that makes the traffic a bit more streamlined and lives a bit more safe. The solution is to catch the violators and fine them heavily. Easier said than done. The biggest problem is that there are not enough resources with the police to man every junction, watch every yellow line.

That is where yours truly will apply his extra-ordinary brain powers to come up with a solution.

The solution is as simple as it sounds. Just privatize the traffic regulation.
How it works is, I - being a private contractor- take up the ‘rights’ to monitor certain area, say M.G road (the same way BMP used to auctions parking lots). I pay the government certain money for giving me the right. Then the government tells me “see, you can go catch and fine all the people out their risking their and others lives, but you can not fine anyone without first having a photo/video of them violating the rule”. Then I invest some more money to hire people, equipment (traffic cameras, speed radars etc). Then I go install the infrastructure on MG road and I will record on my camera every guy who crossed the yellow line or jumped the signal or the like. I catch that guy at the next junction, and tell him ‘Dude, we have you on the tape crossing the yellow line. That would be 2000 Rs fine. Will that be fine?’.

Now do you see how it works? The government is happy because it gets more revenue than before. The contractor is happy because he makes more money than he invested, the police are happy because now they can concentrate on really important things like channeling traffic to help VIPs go to a dinner party, the average commuter is happy because the traffic is smoother and he know he cant be implicated without genuine evidence. The only person who feels sad is may be the guy who paid those 2000 Rs. But 4 out of 5 is still a good score.
What do you think?


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A great idea, but it will have it's share of problems

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Your idea to privatize monitoring of traffic for compliance with rules sounds great. In this country, people find ways & means to manipulate any system to fleece govt coffers, & this system may open new avenues. What is to prevent these "appointed cops" from taking bribes from offenders to pocket the money, off the record ? The errant driver would be too pleased to pay a bribe to pay lesser, say 1000rs & also, repetitive offenses can officially lead to cancellation of his license -- The same as has been happening all along with "real cops". Since these "cops" would have to justify their jobs, some "official" collections would also be "recorded", & contractors may also make profits. The tender rates may go high & govt may also make more money since the "business" may become "lucrative", but govt & the public will soon realize that the appointed "traffic cops" are the only ones laughing, with black money, & they will also become a feared lot at intersections. The contractor/s may also manipulate videos to collect more money, such as in cases involving the likes of the "BMW case" in Delhi, where the whole case was rigged. All said & done, this system may work better than it is doing now with cops simply too few, lethargic & inefficient.
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do you mind if i cross post it on CityZen's thread. just so as to consolidate discussion. thanks.. tarle
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Go ahead

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TS - Pls go ahead. comment guidelines

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