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MG Road station a sneak peek

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Metro Rail

Yes, some more excitement! The artist's impressions of the metro station on MG road is out!! Check this image out. [Update: More images] 

Image courtesy: Deccan Herald


There is a lot to be seen in this drawing.

To give you an overview, the station itself is on the right. It will be standing in the place where Plaza theater was. It is being connected to the platforms which are on the left side of the image. If you have noticed, the connection is an overhead pedestrian bridge with two levels. Why two levels? To reach two platforms! The pedestrial traffic will be segregated much before you hit the platforms. Thats what we call good planning.

No doubt the main station will also house a lot of commercial establishments. That is one of the options BMRC has open to recover the costs.

It is also noteworthy that the footprint of the metro is really only those pillars. While there might be a traffic chaos during the construction, surely metro wont choke the road after it is built. (We all wish the traffic on MG road was as sparse as shown here).

If I have to take a guess, I would say the walls on either side of the track are noise-absorbing too! Similar to the nice flyovers in Bangalore, the metro track will also have a lot of vegetation below it. The creepers shown on the pillars might be purely ornamental though.

In all, a lot to look forward to. What if you have to bear a bit of pain before we get these beauties?

[Update: 4-15 PM]

With the new pictures added, apart from the increased drool factor, we also see some more detail of the construction. There WILL be a multi storey shopping mall on one side of the road. Surprisingly this picture does not show where the sky-bridges will be connected to this building. One the other side of the metro track will be a 'lounge' of 1 km length. 1KM!!?? I dont know what to say about this. I think this will be a commercial area and probably would be accessible from the station and parade grounds. If the station is going to have access from both sides of the road, it will surely address the jay-walking problems (see comments).


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that skywalk/aerobridge

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Wont work if there is a way to get to the station from other side of MG Road (right under the station). That is a lesson from other skywalks around Bangalore - people prefer the walk-across shortcut and add to the chaos on roads!
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Pedestrian access to MG Road station

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Don't agree with above comment by 'silkboard'. I see no access to the paltforms from the Parade ground side. Also, probably there will be ticket counters / turnstiles controlling access from Plaza theatre side. That should prevent people crossing over the road. All said and done, one knows the typical Indian's attitude about any kind of discipline.... so lets hope people improve.
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hey Madhu

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I didn't say that there *is* access to platforms from below. I said "if" there is access from below, the pedestrian-bridge may not get used well. About discipline and 'typical' Indian attitude, that can't always be used as an excuse to not do things right. It'll get into a long discussion - will try a post on this with my 'opinions' and examples :)
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TOI on stations

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Here is a detailed report from TOI on the stations. Quoting verbatim. Thanks tarlesubba for bringing this to notice.

Adding a new dimension to mass transport to Bangalore, the multi-thousand crore, mega Metro project will add a 'wow' factor to the city! The changing cityscape is all set to have aesthetically designed stations which will be a benchmark for public buildings.
Bangalore's showpiece MG Road, which once painted the quaint charm of the British Raj, is transforming into a platform for displaying architectural marvel. Taking it forward is the Metro Rail project, which has three stations lined up along the stretch. The plans drawn for an elevated station, a kilometre-long lounge area and a heritage centre in place of the erstwhile Plaza Theatre, will set eyeballs rolling.
The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRC) board has approved six stations on the seven-kilo
metre Reach One (MG Road to Byappanahalli). All the stations are unique, with special emphasis on MG Road. Tenders for constructing the stations will be floated by December. The designs have been finalised after a brainstorming session between RITES and leading architects of the city, BMRC managing director V Madhu said.

What was once a bund with just a walking path, will now see a metamorphosis — a kilometre-long lounge area with state-of-the-art design; furniture and ambience that will redefine travelling and dynamics of the city; an elevated station with translucent glass facade, which is designed to give a sophisticated look; a heritage centre with
ergonomics for relaxation and to act as a transit area to catch up on the city's history. The main station on MG Road will have three entries.
While a provision to park around 38 cars is being made under the promenade, the earth-filled bund will be replaced by a long shell, meant for a lounge.
Above the bund, the plan features a path, street furniture, green embellishments — a lawn, flower-bearing runners and ornamental plants. The Plaza will act as a transit point with several walkways showcasing the heritage of the city — paintings, old Bangalore in pixels of black and white and a railway museum. The Plaza will be a glass and steel front high ceiling that will project neo architecture, an obsession with city planners.



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MG Road Parking.

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long term parking on mg road. any ideas?
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how much does it cost?

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any analysis of balance of these sexy stations?

number of people they will seduce to public transit vs how much this thingie will cost and could this have been spent on extending the reach? comment guidelines

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