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Bangalore Metro round-up July 18

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Metro Rail

This week seemed like a low PR activity week for Namma Metro.

DH published couple of article that sort of contradicted one another, first by saying that nothing is happening at metro front and then by saying all the action is underground. V. Madhu, the MD for Metro said that 'there is absolutely no delay' and I believe him.

In a typical proactive way of BMRC, they conducted a year long survey to measure the noise levels at various locations on the Metro line and looks like you need to wear ear-muffs if you want to hear your grand children speak to you. Here is a Hindu report on that. BMRC says it would not want to add more noise and hence would try to work with minimal noise during and after construction. Draft Environment Management Plans on the news page of BMRC also talk about things they have in mind to minimise the environmental impact.

And finally, BMRC has also been given the task of overseeing the Mono rail construction. They have shortlisted two consultants based on technical bids and financial bids are yet to open.


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sound absorbing walls

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with those 3.28 feet walls, will the view from the coaches be blocked? what about the outer side of the walls? gaudy advertisements or those heat absorbing green creepers or some murals by yusuf arrakal ;)?
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MG Road Metro Rail Sation

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Metro is happening slowly, check out the MG Road Metro Railway station here http://meninweb.blogspot....
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Starting with the boards?

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Hmm.. they are starting with the board first... understandably ;) hope they dont stay in that stage for too long.

How long does it take to build a station anyway? Anyone has any idea? I mean would it take longer or shorter compared to the time taken to build the track?

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