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Looks like these BMTC folks will never get enough of going high-tech. We recently wrote about easy-auto a phone/sms based service. And today we hear that BMTC is launching an SMS based service too.

This news from DH says now you can send an SMS to 9945634666 in the format "Yi V356 C U" and you will know the positions of all Volvo buses on router 356 (V356 C) going UP (U) from the starting point.

Cool eh?

While I am happy to see a lot of high-tech services cropping up, I am little apprehensive about the reception for these services by the average person on the street. After all, the high-tech population only amounts to a small percentage. However, it all has to start sometime somewhere is we want to be a developed nation and what better place to start apart from Bangalore.

May be someone who is currently in Bangalore can test this service out and see if it really works.


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cool alva yooru. perhaps

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cool alva yooru. perhaps praja should track BMTC's initiative too.
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Should Be Introduced to All BMTC Buses

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Although it may be expensive, it is good if BMTC introduces this facility to all the BMTC buses or atleast all Pushpak buses and there by encourage public transport. comment guidelines

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