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Consultants bring rigor to metro

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Metro Rail

Folks at Metro seem to know what they are doing. Of course their actions in past indicate that, but today they have signed up a group of consultants to help them execute the project better. Here is the news.

I really am impressed with this kind of professional behaviour. Dont we all agree that its best to be left to experts? I had not seen this kind of professionalism in execution of other projects. Usaually a contractor is given the task who then gives the sub-tasks to other sub-contractors. There are hardly any checks to ensure quality and the actual experts are never brought in. I might be wrong, but this may be one of the reasons most infrastructure projects drag for decades and in the end turn out utterly useless.

Just imagine if BDA had asked some 'real' experts to help them plan the Richmond Circle Fly-over, we would not be reversing the traffic on the flyover after a few months. Or our Mysore road flyover could have cost less and be more effective.

Way to go BMRC.


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the part I liked ...

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... in that news article is: "The consortium will be responsible for any deficiency in the performance of contractors." Good thing or bad? Setting consultants up for finger pointing, or responsibility !?
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More transparency

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I guess bringing in consultants will bring in more transparency. If you appoint someone from outside, the chances for a tacit cover-ups for bad quality work will be less and hopefully, will result in a better quality work. I am surprised so much because BMRC might have not hired any consultant for this and be fine with their internal QC procedure. They would not have been pointed fingures at for that. But they did take an extra step forward. I feel this is a good thing, or I am missing something here :)

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