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Gold pass for Volvo buses

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DH Reports that Volvo users will now be able to avail monthly passes.

For 1900 Rs a month, you get to commute on all Volvos (or so I assume) and also get loyalty points that you can use in Shopper's stop and Forum. There is also a bundled insurance of 3 lakh Rs thrown in if you really care.

In past, we have all seen many impressve ways BMTC has come up with to serve several segments of its market. There were buses only for women, then one for sight-seeing (Kaveri was it?), there was even one exclusively for hospital going folks!

No doubt the think-tank at BMTC are trying hard to figure out the pulse of the public but at least in the above examples, they have not been successful.

I personally believe that this Gold pass thing will be a win-win situation for both BMTC and the commuter. BMTC gets more steady stream of revenues and commuter gets a discount and reduced hassle of buying a ticket. I only hope that its implemented in a good way. !


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actually 3... BMTC has shown signs of getting to the root of the problems too. tripathi who heads bmtc was seen ploughing for an urban planning center for BLR.
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Yep ..

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Tripathi seems to have the right ideas. Just that he can only take care of BMTC side of things however grand hos thoughts may be. What happened to BMRTA - a Nodal agency for public transport? Or will BMRDA itself be playing that role ? comment guidelines

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