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Multi Modal Connectivity for Bangalore

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Public Transport

With Urban Transport  getting into more focus,  Bangalore is no where near to the Multi Modal Tranport, even one place  is not been takn up for  good implimentation by Authorities.

Place like :  KBS + BMTC + METRO + Bangalore city station + Pedistrican + Auto / Taxi + BiCycle 

Biyappanahalli :   METRO + BMTC + AUTO / Taxi + Commuter Train + KSRTC settalite bus Stand + Pedistrican + Bicycle

Hebbal : BMTC + Commuter Train + Pedistricans + Auto + BiCycle + HSRL

Yesvantpur Station : BMTC + KSRTC + METRO + Yesvantpur Station + Pedestician + Auto / Taxi

Banashankari Temple : BMTC + METRO + Auto / Taxi + Pedestrican

K R Puram Bride : METRO + BMTC + KR Puram Station + Auto / Taxi + BiCycle + Pedestiran

Jayanagar  : METRO + BMTC + Pedestrian + BiCycle + AUto / Taxi

Nayndhallai : METRO + BMTC + KSRTC + Commuter Train + BiCycle + Auto / Taxi


All these places, GoK has plenty of land available for making it good Multi Modal  Transport Hubs with current pathetic state.

Here are few of the links gives good perspective on how Bangalore shold be  looking to Urban Transport  issue

Achieving Effective Multi Modal Connectivity :

Sustanibility in Urban Transport : 

Encourgaing mode shift 

For each place as mentioned above,  GoK / UDD should have clear  policy  what all should be enabled and to how much. Its like master plan so that development is planned accordingly. 

Now we can see how Biyappanahalli METRO is dis-integrated with other modes of Transport & public are left to fend themsleves.


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