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Chikkabullapur : Railway minister neglects station in his neighbourhood

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Chikkabullapur has its share of pride for being the neighbouring district of the Union Minister of State for Railways K H Muniyappa’s home constituency, Kolar.

station doesn’t have basic facilities such as drinking water and toilet. Several inter-state trains pass through the station which houses not a single shop to serve coffee or eatables

Muniyappa has visited the station several times but not even once has he spoken to the four employees about the problems of the station.

However, on dais he didn’t ever forget to promise that the station will be upgraded and railway passengers will be provided with all facilities.

The Railways doesn’t have to fret about land for developing the station as it has nearly 200 acres.

It just have to clear the encroachment and initiate work on upgrading the station.

Similar is the fate of Nelamangala Station, even the Railway Materials have been stolen their.  So one end  we are demanding more Tracks  to conenct to new places, but existing facility and land of 200 acers  itself is not put to use.

This shows how Commuter Raiul ( Namma Railu ) has the potential  to start as Railway has huge Land bank, but does not want to make use it for public use, they amy want to use after 100 yrs, when our next generationmay not be in a postion avail the facility

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