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Bangalore City Railway Station expansion

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Railways eyes land swap with BBMP

Sources in the Railways told Deccan Herald that if the deal goes through, the service yard/line in the City station, along with the coach yard near platforms 4 and 10 will be shifted making room for more platforms.
Sources in the KSRTC said with the Metro construction beginning in Majestic, the KSRTC buses are left with no parking space and are being diverted to Shantinagar, NGEF and  Mysore Road.

BBMP & Railways  should do the Land Swaping so that this will be win win situtation for BBMP, Railways & Citizens.  This proposal of BBMP & Railways will solve the Traffic issues  arround Majestic & wil lhelp Railways to go forward for world class station and COmmuter Rail.

KSRTC wants Land  due to disturbance  of  METRO and its short term. Any way  KSRTC  is moving  its services to other locations on Mysore Road, Old Madras Road, Hebbal, Penya, Hosur Road.

So BBMP &  Railways should do the Land Swaping for over all benfit.  Other wise Land will get denotifed later for some ones benefit. 


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--"Post moved to a New Blog entry titled Double Decker Buses"---

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"Post moved to a New Blog entry titled Double Decker Buses"

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Need to clear bottlenecks in co-ordination with railways..

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 The swap with railways needs to be taken with written assurance for railway land for road widening/ corridor  for now and any future projects including other parts of city .

1. *** Goods Shed Road needs to be widened to accomdate huge traffic in this narrow bylanes.

2.  Widening of  road  from Oaklipuram church to Krishna flour mills and further on Platform road up to mantri mall. ( Central  )

3.  Some Binny mills land needs to be retained for road widening of Sirsi circle - magadi road part of core inner ring road. 

Binny mills land can be given to railways with review of their project blueprint.

KSRTC should shift most operations to Satellite terminus in outskirts and also use efficiently existing land.   ( recently saw  tender for  Peenya satellite Bus stand ).

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finally you decide to come out of your shell and post :) 

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clear Slums/ encroachments of Railways land & put it to good use

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The Railways also holds lot of land, but you see lot of encroachments by slums and also overly spread out  residential quarters & dump yards inside.

So a review of  proposed expansion of railways should be done,  that they take up work and amenities that benefit common railway user.  



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 btw  i was not in town.   U never replied to mails  or involved me in your work..

 so i  remain an observer !!


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U never replied to mails  or involved me in your work

Bad excuse for not coming online

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Passenger amenities planned at Yeshwantpur station

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After taking possession of about three acres of land that was under litigation at the main entry of Yeshwantpur railway station (facing Tumkur Road), the South Western Railway (SWR) intends to offer a host of passenger amenities, including space for vehicle parking. “

Details here:

This will give big relief to all passangers using the Yesvantpur Station. Other good thing happening is the integration of Railway Station, METRO & BMTC. I feel KSRTC should be included as the buses entering into city can have stop instead of stoping at middle of the Tumkur Road.

Also BBMP should be included : BBMP to provide two foot over bridges infront of Yesvantpur station and to corss NH-4 and integrate them with Railway Foot over bridge.

Railways should include one more un-reserved ticketing counter on the METRO & Station foot over bridge

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Off-track stations!

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Bangalore has a well connected network of railway lines criss-crossing the City. While this holds huge potential for a City train, the stations remain utterly neglected. Here’s a comprehensive look at some of the key stations

The Bangalore City railway station, with a daily traffic of more than 65,000 passengers is  running out of space. Stretched beyond capacity, the critical entry point to the City is virtually bursting at its seams.

Here are some glaring inadequancies that ought to hit you in the eye. The Station, which grosses a passenger revenue of Rs 33.56 lakh per day and is arguably one of the largest in the country, lacks even proper seating arrangements. Buying a ticket at the recently renovated  counters is no less than a Herculean task. In the absense of signages, it is a tough job for the passengers to locate these counters and thus lose precious time.  
Barely three weeks since it was opened, the building housing the counters has already turned into a seething mass of chaos.

Passengers still go to the old counters and ask around in desperation. “The least the authorities could have done was to put up a prominent board saying unreserved tickets would be issued only from the new counters outside,” fumes a passenger. Now only a hand-written notice hangs at the old counter.

Platform ticket-vending machines:
Space crunch

Hope the Binny Mill Land is handed over to  Railways and Railways need to optimize their  space with multi story building for all their offices.

Now they should look at Yelahanka & Kengeri as next Terminals  for Bangalore.

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A few weeks ago I wanted to

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A few weeks ago I wanted to go to Makalidurga for a trek. There is a train - the Guntur express, which is ideally suited to travel there. I got to Yeswantpur station at 7.30 for an 8am train. The line for tickets had at least a 100 people. The ridiculous thing is that many of the people were in line for platform tickets - there seems to me no separate counter for platform and regular tickets. There was a seperate counter for advance booking but this long like was for all Unreserved tickets.

By some miracle, I actually made it to the end of the line, got the ticket and ran to catch the train. On the train I also realised that there is a great urgency for commuter/suburban rail. Most of the people in the unreserved compartment were travelling up to Hindupur - a couple of hours journey. Many people were using it to commute to Yelahanka and Doddaballapur. And the train was quite packed. So this means that there is a great demand for such trains. I hope the goverment has the sense to finally get around to introducing such sevices.

There is a need to get all this organized. They have to have separate counters for platform tickets. Also, they should have a separate counter for unreserved tickets for trains leaving withing half an hour to an hour.

All in all, it was a pleasant journey. The route is very pretty and the lack of noise and pollution from cars, buses and autos more than made up for the crowd in the train. And it was quick. Even though this stopped at many stations - like Lottegottahalli and Kodigehalli - it took 20 minutes to get to Yelahanka and another hour to get to my destination, 55km from Bangalore. All this set me back Rs. 9 ! 

Unfortunaltely, it is impossible to reverse this journey since there are few trains coming in the opposite direction which stop at Makalidurga.




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Good feedback

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It  was good feedback on actual difficulty.faced by the commuters.  Their is huge potential for Commuter Rail as amny people Travell to Dodballapur, Yelahanka for working in small & Medium scale Industries   Their is Textile & appeareal park at Dodballapur also.  Its high time Govt should provide the Commuter Rail  Fascility as basic mode of Transport  and  should encourage  such mode of Public Transports.




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Yeshwantpur Station upgradation

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Responding to the plight of around 40,000 passengers, the South-Western Railways (SWR) has set itself a nine-month deadline to provide improved services at the Yeshwanthpur station.

Apart from this, the station will have new ticket counters, LCD reservation screens, business lounge with internet connection and new foot over bridge connecting platform number three to six



CC deccanherald.




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'Poor basic amenities at City Rly Station'

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Single enquiry counter, one cloak room, lack of medical facility and so on.

An on-the-spot study about lack of basic amenities at the City Railway Station by a group of BJP members on Monday, highlighted the officials’ apathy towards passengers’ security and basic facilities.

The members drew attention on inconveniences like absence of fire tenders, no luggage scanners and metal detectors, inadequate counters to buy platform tickets and deteriorating condition at the Okalipuram entrance. Only one restaurant serves both veg and non-veg food at the station, they pointed out.

Railway authorities were blamed for constructing an administrative building at the parking site. They said Oakalipuram entrance where 65 percent train traffic originates, does not have proper parking facility.

Only on paper

The BJP city unit said the station handles 200 trains daily but offers few facilities to the 1.5 lakh passengers. Periodic statements by Railway Ministers — right from Lalu Prasad — to upgrade it to international standards have remained only on paper. Very little development has taken place in the past four decades. The pressure eased a bit during the NDA regime when Lok Sabha Member Anantha Kumar got the Yeshwanthpur Terminal opened.


Some of the shortcomings the party listed are absence of luggage trolleys; absence of inquiry counter on Okalipuram entrance; absence of toilets in the station as well as reservation complex premises; inadequate provision for sale of platform tickets; inadequate security equipment, including absence of luggage and metal scanners.

We do't  demand the facility, hence the situation, same is not  when it comes to WB,  Delhi, Bihar.  

Our elected representatives MP's / MLA's & Corporators should  put pressure on auhorities at Railway and with Minister.

Same thing they should do with BMTC / KSRTC  and even with auto's checking of facilites and  bring the officials to act.

Hope Railways do their work and improve the facility at all stations in and arround Bangalore.  They should not  get into fancy names like world class station, as they are not able to even provide basic facility at the major stations in Bangalore.







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Further station improvements &ROB / RUB Tenders worth Rs15 Crore

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Foot over bridge at Devangunthi & Byatrayanahalli stations

Costing Rs 2.15 Crore


YNK-CBP section: Proposed RUB (Br. No.238A) at Km 15/800-900 between YNK- DHL stations.

Costing Rs 1.82 Crore  Between Yelahanka - Chikballapur level crossing elimination


Provision of platform shelter at Bangalore city & Bangalore cantonment.

Costing Rs 3.52 Crore


Widening and extension of platforms 1,2 & 3 & miscellaneous work at krishnarajapuram station.  Costing RS 2.46 Crore


Construction of Road under bridge inlieu of LC No. 23,24,30 & 31 in Bangalore â?? Tumkur section  Costing Rs 5 Crore 

and 4 level crossings getting eliminated


Up- gradation of lights & fans on all platforms of Bangalore City and Yesvantpur Railway Stations  Costing Rs 58 Lakhs


Above Tenders cost Total Rs 15 .50 Crore  and these tenders are called recently during one month time.  These will implemented in next 10 -12 months time.

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Indian Railways has still a long way to go for optimization..

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Yesterday I travelled from Mysore to Bangalore by train. I wanted to take Tuticorin express leaving Mysore at 5:45 PM. We came to railway station at 5:15Pm and were waiting for the rake to be put on platform. 5:30 - 5:45 6:00 PM, no sign of the rake. Number of people in Mysore station Platform no 1 is increasing and eager to catch in the train. No sign of train. No announcement. If the train is on time, recorded message is played 'n' number of time to irritate you.

At  6:05PM in a feeble tone it was announced train will leave at 6:10 PM, but there was no train in the platform!!

Train came to platform at 6:10PM, but it was overcrowded and left at 6:20PM. So we decided to take the Hampi express which leaves at 6:40 pm.

Hampi express was put onto platform at 6:35pm, but left at 6:45PM.

I am wondering, this train originates from Mysore, comes to Mysore in the morning. Even then it was not put onto platform causing unnecessary tensions.

Hampi Express was not crowded. But still an express train runs more or less like a Passenger. There is no control of beggers whatsoever. Too many beggars, they come and ask money.  15 year old  sweep the floor, touch your feet and ask money.

Then came the worst part, clapping the hand firmly, the Mangala mukhis. Two came together, they do not accept less than 10 rupees. One of the mangala mukhi was drunk!! and one passenger refused to give money and they behaved so nastily in front of ladies and children.

Train came to Kengeri at 9:10 PM, from there it started going at snail pace to reach Bangalore at 9:45, 5 mins early!. It can easily reach SBC at 9:30. Unnecessarily they delay the timing.

When will our Railway System improve? Forget about foreign countries, atleast if they can have safety and standards as our own Metro systems with security guards in the stations not allowing beggars / mangala mukhis etc, it would be more safer for passengers.

Forget Highspeed rails, please improve these standards first. Putting trains to the platforms on time, proper maintenance of coaches, avoiding beggars  and other organized crimes, better ticketing systems.


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Bangalore city station improvement tenders and other works

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1. SBC-Pro. Provision of Third entry on STC side of platform No.1.

Estimation : 13612577/-    6 months time

2. SBC- Pro. Provision of sky frame to cover the uncovered space on platform 7 & 8 towards second entry.

Estimation : 10990577/-      5 months time

3. SBC division: Provision of stainless steel benches at A1 stations and Granite benches at A, B, & D stations.

Estimation  :  15893790    5 months time

4.  Bangalore division: Provision of Low cost PF shelter.

Estimation :  11001339     6 months time


Total 5 Crore tenders for station improvements and Bangalore city one more FOB is in progress connecting all 8 Platforms.

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4th Entry Provision for Bangalore City Railway Station is ready.

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4th Entry Provision for Bangalore City Railway Station is ready.
Four places one can buy PF tickets, current tickets of Railways.
This will make good access to City Railway station from all angles like METRO, BMTC, Road
1. Main Building
2. Entry from PF 7 - 8
3. Entry from Magadi Road City METRO station
4. Entry from Mejestic METRO station side comment guidelines

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