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Plastic Ban In Bangalore City

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 BBMP chief hints at ‘consensual’ plastic ban

The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike Commissioner has hinted at banning plastic in the capital city

BBMP commissioner Siddaiah said the Palike was giving ‘serious thought’ on banning plastic in the City, particularly in shopping complexes and supermarkets.

“The proposal would be discussed with the Mayor, standing committee members and major shopping establishments. The matter would be tabled before the Council if a consensus is evolved,” he said.

I  have exoerienced in some shopping malls ( not in India )  they  will sell the Plastic Bags if one does not carry while going for Grocery purchase  ( small step in pollution control )

Generally I segregate the Plastic Bags at home  but not sure  how to dispose them off, as where to handover the used plastic.

Ban of Plastic Bags is a small step in controllig pollution for Bangalore. IIn Praja we need to dicuss  and Forward our inputs to BBMP Chief on how Plastic and other waste should be collected. 








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I have exoerienced in some

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 I have exoerienced in some shopping malls ( not in India )  they  will sell the Plastic Bags if one does not carry while going for Grocery purchase  ( small step 

In India KB Fair Price store charges for plastic bags. Of course most of Europe charges for all types of bags.

Generally I segregate the Plastic Bags at home  but not sure  how to dispose them off. 

I tried for some time and the BBMP garbage van just mixed them all up. Guilty of not sticking to it. Now I forget the rules of segregation. I think spreading information constantly and consistently without confusing messages is the key. Ideally one agency should be responsible for sending out consistent message.

The maids who work in the houses are guilty of dumping garbage on street corners. It happens on the sly and they should be punished so they dont accept these request from their house owners. Not able to catch these maids who dump during odd hours at the end of our street.


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segregation is doable

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 This works when a number of houses join together, as in apartments and layouts.

Segregate, and call a group like Samarthanam to pick up the recyclable stuff (they take ewaste too).

For more such contacts see:

Also check the Zero waste management groups:


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bbmp guy does sort in girinagar..

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 To the extent as he collects the garbage in the morning..he segregates plastic/cardboards/milk covers etc  even the pizza boxes are sorted and I see that he sells what ever he has salvaged at the corner old paper mart and dumps the rest of the garbage into the big dumpster..

the setup is pretty neat..

But again I am in favour of a complete plastic ban..think Goa has already done it..its not difficult saying no to the white cover..

Btw Praja can promote/sell cloth bags with our logo along with any sponsors (if we find any)

I still remember getting groceries packed in paper and carried in cloth bags, when I was young, from the santhe in shouldnt be difficult!


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What do I do with my fish tamk?

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 What do I do with my fish tank? the BBMP guy left it alone and picked the rest of the garbage today?

@meerak nice link, wish somebody was able to convert that into an infographic or visual image for people to understand. Also segregation needs identification with colored/labelled boxes/buckets so it is easily understandable to maids and others. Like

picture of papers+books+plastics+glass -> Green box/bucket/bag -> to Raddi

picture veggies+refuse+food -> Blue box/bucket/bag -> to BBMP collector

picture electronics -> Black box/bucket/bag -> to xyz agency 


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Reducing usage of Plastic in day to day life

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 As responsible  citizens, we need to reduce the usage of  Plastic in day to day life.

As IDS has same problem,   BBMP should provide the facility for collecting the Plastic / Glasses / Metals / Paper waste / Thermocool  / E-waste & others.

They should make more awarness to public of the collection places.  This way the waste seggregation at later stage gets reduced and pollution comes down. 

I know some of the Vendors who does the business on  Waste Paper Mart, they do collect the Plastic bottels,  Glasse bottels,  metals at and they pay some minimal amount, but person should know which paper mart accepts this.

Banning Plastic Bag  is small step from BBMP, as all items packed  like food items,  cosmetics,  material used for packing need to be collected by BBMP.  They need to provide the facility for collections in each ward with good visibility to public and provide information in the BBMP website.


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Crackdown on electronic wastage to begin

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Very soon, electronic goods manufacturers will have to devise ways to buy back old goods manufactured by them from consumers.


The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) is framing guidelines to regulate disposal and recycling of such goods.


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KSPCB to ask manufacturers to buy back used bulb

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The Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) is mulling over making it mandatory for tubelight manufacturers to buy back used bulbs and tubes from consumers, to prevent the mercury in these bulbs from entering water bodies

This is good move  for controlling pollution


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@Plastic Bans

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A total plastic bags ban is definitely doable. It is ironic that we have lost the good practices and Europeans who have now adopted these are claiming it to be their "contribution" to a green environment. I remember carrying cloth bags to the shop whenever we did the quick dash for the missing milk or sugar !

To share a best practice I have observed in some of the European countries particularly in Germany and the Nordic countries.

There are segregation bins maintained in points in the city, particularly the super markets. These bins mean, people can bring their 'plastic' waste aka bottles, bags etc and give it back for a nominal fee. Well, in the ideal system, all these bottles are bar coded and there is a small machine that reads the code and segregates the plastic according to the different types. Since people are charged 5 cents at time of purchase of these bottles, they are returned this amount when they return the bottles.

But the non-technical and very simple solution I have seen: bottles are counted and collected. And people are paid 2 cents for each bottle (lower rate since it is not electronically driven).

In India, some interesting initiatives are already started like Mr. Chauhan's experiment with PET bottles. He has developed it into beyond being a pure environmental initiative by making it a viable financial and social cause !

Here is a ppt for those who have not heard of it / are interested:


Could we try to get some initiative like this going in Bangalore ?

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In some super markets the

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In some super markets the plastic cover is part of the security. So to eliminate plastic they have change the security procedure.

Plastic glasses are used by many tea/coffee vendors because they prefer not to wash glasses (also no water available?).  The cool drinks and packaged water providers also should buy back the containers.

Another way to reduce plastic consumption is not to take parcels from restaurants or carry a container for the parcelling like a casserole or tiffin box :).

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Garbage segregation unit at Palike

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The Solid Waste Management Round Table (SWMRT) set up a mechanism to segregate garbage behind the City Corporation building on Friday

Dr Meenakshi Bharath of the SWMRT said there were separate bins to dump plastic covers, bottles, papers, cups and the organic waste such as leaves, branches and leftovers.

Recyclable material will be sent directly to the recycling units while the organic waste will be converted into manure to be used for the Palike’s garden.

At the inauguration, BBMP Commissioner Siddaiah commended the SWMRT for its initiative on the garbage segregation which will be taken up across the City.

Any one who is staying near can update how is it organised & update the details. Hope BBMP extends this facility in other locations.


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Mavallipura, the City’s dump yard!

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trucks dump nearly 600 tonnes of the City's garbage daily at Mavallipura based garbage processing unit. A private firm, Ramky Energy and Environment Limited has been assigned the task of extracting the best out of waste.

Sixty per cent of the garbage goes into the landfill. Since the Wind Row Compost unit utilises only 40 per cent of the garbage, Ramky wants to set up a 'Waste-To-Energy' (WTE) plant with an investment of Rs 5 crore. It wants the BBMP to promise a supply of 1,000 tonnes of waste. With the WTE, Ramky could use at least 75 per cent of the waste, claims Ramesh Satyam. “Ideally, only 10 to 15 per cent of the waste material should go to landfill.”

We can see how our city Garbage  is getting disposed only 40%.  at this site.  Other Garbage which is not colected and flows along the rain water drain is not accounted.  You can see how our Urban planning is happening interms of Transport, Zonal Planning,  Water Managment, Greenary & this Garbage. 

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 Dr Meenakshi Bharath of the SWMRT said there were separate bins to dump plastic covers, bottles, papers, cups and the organic waste such as leaves, branches and leftovers. 

Doc is doing great work. Last time I talked to her about her contesting from ward 35 she was passionately describing SWM as the single biggest problem in Bangalore today. This is one model where the people are leading the way and the govt tags along. We have to do the same with cycling in Bangalore. Create a critical mass of bicyclists so the lanes will follow. Spread the word and get people to cycle more. Last mile problems will soon dissappear for a large section of able society. Hope citizens can truly build a movement.

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Russel Market vendors get tips in waste segregation

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Volunteers from the Solid Waste Management Round Table, Green Commandos, Waste Wise and Radio Active of Jain Group of Institutions spoke to them about the importance of segregating garbage at source and recycling the dry waste.

Selling dry waste

Shopkeepers at the market have agreed to segregate dry waste, including paper and plastics, which they will sell every other day at Rs. 2 a kg.

The Round Table tried out segregation at the City Market and 12 tonnes of it was collected last month. A five-tonne biogas converter will soon be installed in there and the proposal is pending with the Standing Committee, he said.

its good move,   hope they carry out the same at main vegitable markets,  like KR Market, Yesvantpur,  Yelahanka, Agara


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In view of Bakrid festival BBMP circular on bio-waste disposal

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In view of Bakrid festival, the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has issued a circular for safe disposal of bio-waste on November 18 and 19

Further, it has been stated that announcements will be made at all mosques and idgahs that the bio-waste should not be disposed of indiscriminately, but to be packed in plastic bags and disposed in specific BBMP containers placed in the area

Sufficient containers

The circular has also directed the environment engineers to provide sufficient containers for dumping the extra bio-waste and extra trips of garbage disposal vans to avoid the stray dog menace.

They should extend this practice for all types of Waste and for the all the days at each ward so that efforts reqd for waste managment later will be less.

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Garbage segregation plan in a mess

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Barely a week after the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) launched Garbage Segregation at Source (GSS) at its head office with the help of Solid Waste Management Round Table (SWMRT), the programme has gone haywire.

Reacting to Friday’s incident, Dr Meenakshi Bharath of SWMRT said this was the second such incident in a week. She blamed the canteen owner for the mess

Over the time, things should improve and this concept should  be implimented in other wards and major places. This is starting problem,  this is media hype andwe should encorage this system,

Any one that side can get photos and post  on this blog.

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It seems to me that the haves and the have-nots have their own separate ways with regard to garbage disposal.

The Haves package their waste neatly in plastic bags. The contents are segregated by the collectors who spend much time on this job on the job (during collection). I do not see segregation done by the householder himself anywhere.

The Have-nots opt for disposing of garbage either in bags or directly on to the road in neutral corners or in front of unbroken compound walls. This, even in areas where there is door-to-door collection. The ragpickers shake out the contents of bags- generally in the middle of the road-  to get at recyclable stuff. Cows and dogs, of course get a lot of sustenance here. Collection of this rubbish is done by a separate set of workers - not those who sweep the roads-

Seen the mountain of waste on the east side of M.N.Krishnarao Park ?

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Full cycle!

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Difficult to gauge the issues and cause for it without being present on ground. Could you provide some insight how the garbage right from source to destination is handled? More importantly how it is disposed off in the end, i.e. by converting into compost, landfills etc.

There is a public waste disposal/transfer site near my home here in Maryland, USA. This site accepts trash/waste from both public and commercial entities. It is free of charge for Ordinary public where as commercial entities are charged by per tonne.

It is interesting to see how they segregate the waste at this site. There are separate areas for disposing Mixed papers, Textiles, Heavy Equipment like washing machine, small electronics like telephones, VCRs/DVD players, Used mobile oils, building material, hazardous materials and they a series of dumpsters for regular household trash.

They also scan commercial vehicles for nuclear waste emissions. Here 99% of the trash removal services are rendered by private companies.

Personally I have not see how the further processing of this waste is done. This post is motivating me to make a visit to this place and understand their while life cycle.

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Policy and Process!

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Interesting read of the Montgomery County's "Comprehensive Solid Waste Management
10 Year Plan 2009-2019".

There are legislation specifically covering the waste disposal and there are process to fulfill those legislation.

Would be interesting see how we measure upto these? I am sure we can institute some common sense processes.


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BDA takes up waste management initiative

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the BDA, in association with the Solid Waste Management Round Table (SWMRT), initiated a waste management programme to dispose of solid waste produced at the BDA head office with an aim to achieve zero waste on its premises. The facility for segregating, recycling and composting was inaugurated by BDA chairperson Vatsala Vatsa and Mr. Meena.

to set up such facilities, one does not need too much space, neither does it require any investment. “At the BDA layouts, we will earmark a sapce for setting up of such facilities. In the layouts already developed, we will join hands with the resident welfare associations. These are community-based projects and by taking them up

Individuals or corporates wanting to convert their home or workplace to zero waste areas can call 99161 02848, email, or visit the website for details.

Why BBMP is not extending the same facility to all wards. 

Same should be made mandatory in Apartments may be more then 20 Units,  waste seggregation facility should be in place along with Rainwater harvesting.  This will help BBMP garbage collector to collect the Waste as per seggregation and their vechile should  have seperate garbage carrying facility  as done in western countries.

This facility should be extended in all major public places in Bangalore like  BMTC TTMC's,  KSRTC,  Railways,  Big Malls & Major marketing centers like Brigade / Commercial Street, Majestic Area.

Then BBMP Garbage collector should collect the waste two times instead of once a day comment guidelines

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