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New BMTC routes - K1/K2/K3

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The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) will be introducing three routes called K1, K2 and K3.

The route K1 will connect St John’s Hospital, Sinivagilu, Domlur, Indiranagar Police Station, Ulsoor, Trinity Circle, Mayo Hall, Shivajinagar and adjoining places.

The K2 route passes through Hebbal, Devasandra, M S Ramaiah Hospital, Yeshwanthpur, ISKCON temple and adjoining roads.

K3 connects Basaveshwara bus stand, Vijayanagar MCTC, Sirsi Circle, Chamarajpet, North Road, Basavanagudi, Shanthi Talkies and adjoining roads.

A release from BMTC said that buses along these routes will be made available at a gap of 15 minutes each between 6 am to 11.15 pm.

Here they should have extended K1 upto Cantonment Station.  Also integrating with METRO stations should have been taken care as many places, these buses will be playing close the METRO stations enroot.



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 K2 is a good route, good

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 K2 is a good route, good move BMTC. I have a problem with everything going on the same main arterial routes, I can understand these are trunk routes but really without buses reaching the nooks & crannies last mile problem will remain a perpetual problem. I am still waiting for those nooks & crannies buses. 

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BMTC K2 Route

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I agree that it is very important to extend K2 route upto Cantt. station.

This is a long felt need.


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Actual routes?

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Any place where i can find the actually bus routes? Didnt find it on BMTC website.
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map of new toutes in

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search for bus-routes and make sure u type k in caps..that search is case sensitive for some reason

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BTMC routes

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This has some details of the K routes too

The 201 series has some of the Swaraj Mazda services, why not use those vehicles for last mile connectivity within every neighbourhood.


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Hi friends,


pls check for bangalore bmtc bus routes



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Very bad publicizing by

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Very bad publicizing by BMTC-These buses were introduced nearly 2-3 months ago and BMTC have put it on deccanherald now. had posted it when it was introduced and even I had put a blog on this website

K-3 roue between Jayanagar and koramangla is good-It passes through carmel convent to bannerghatta road to reach dairy circle and koramangla and not BTM route-Hope people make good use of this bus to reach koramangla.


The route is not very new actually-the route of 205 has been suspended and introduced in 3 stages with light modifications. But the modifications are good and peopl can use it

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I thought that with Big-10, and such Dr Ashwin Mahesh led initiatives, we were generally moving towards direction-oriented routing - check However, these new routes don't quite seem to conform to that, however popular they may appear to be. Apparently, there are all kinds of forces pulling in all kinds of directions, and the BMTC will therefore continue to muddle along, direction-less, quite as its routing.


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