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New Mini Bus Terminal at Byappanahalli on Old Madras Road.

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The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has begun inter-State operations at a new mini bus terminal at Baiyappanahalli on Old Madras Road.

According to K A Rajkumar, Director (Operations), the State-run corporation has constructed a small facility near the old NGEFactory, on a trial basis.

“We have commenced bus services from 19 March on a one-way basis (towards Kolar and Tirupati). About 500 odd buses, including Volvo will ply daily through the new terminus from the City towards destinations such as Kolar, Chintamani, Malur, Chittor, Tirupati and Chennai. The new facility also has 12 bus bays” said Rajkumar. KSRTC will shortly finalise introduction of BMTC onnection to this new facility

Poor  publicity  by KSRTC may be due to BBMP election.  Now they should give good advertisment about this.

Also why they are calling Mini Bus Terminal, when  NAMMA METO, BMTC, and Baiyappanahalli Railway Terminal is getting developed at the same location, then  this KSRTC Inter city transport Facility should have been  better then the Mysore Road Terminal.  This location is going to be very important in respect to Multi Modal Transport.

Can any one update on this facility 


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Good, KSRTC is shifting out from SBC

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I think this is a precursor to what future plans are (as per drawings of the Byappanahalli depot area).

Large KSRTC & BMTC terminals are planned on the other side of tracks in erstwhile NGEF land, with underpasses below the tracks & new road/s connecting them to OMR. Since this infrastructure is not ready & Metro /Depot construction is underway presently, it appears that a temporary terminus is being made operational on OMR itself.

This apart, KSRTC is handing over some 18 acres at SBC to Metro for construction work, hence they have to vacate from a lot of area in Majestic.

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Majestic Terminus tender

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Also read in Economic Times recently that tendering is almost ready for 500cr Majestic station, incorporating three UG levels + construction of hi-rise + construction of new bus terminal at ground level.

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Yesvanthpur MBTC Bus terminal is nearing completion

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Now Yesvanthpur BMTC bus terminal  with  multi story  car parking  is going in full swing. They should open this before June.

But Yesvanthpur Railway station and  METRO with BMTC integration was planned,  their is no progress and  only  METRO work is going on, South Western Railway is not done any thing on this, even small foot over bridge connecting platfron No-1 to Platfform No 2/3 is going on for last 7-8 months with slow progress only.

They should connect Yesvanthpur BMTC Bus stand with  Railway station using foot over bridge and to Yesvanthpur METRO Station and  to corss NH-4 Rao,   Ithis is very much  needed as passanger traffic will increase due to METRO,  Appartments coming up in the coming days.

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Yeshwantpur - bus stand is nowhere in the picture

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But Yesvanthpur Railway station and  METRO with BMTC integration was planned,  their is no progress and  only  METRO work is going on

Where does the bus stand come into the picture here? The bus stand (TTMC) is more than 1.5 km away from the railway station (NH-4 entrance). In any case, work on Yeshwantpur Metro station is progressing quite well. It is located just opposite the railway station and there will be an entrance/exit on that side too (hence no need of FOB etc.) Further, the vacant plot of land outside the Yesvantpur railway station is being cleared and some construction equipment has been placed there - I presume this area will eventually be used as a concourse/integration point.



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It is located just opposite

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It is located just opposite the railway station and there will be an entrance/exit on that side too (hence no need of FOB etc.)

I am assuming you mean the metro station will be on the same side of the highway as the SWR station. Even in which case being an elevated station there should be a direct connection to the FOB of the SWR from the station concourse. There is no need for the passengers to climb down and go back up again. This is elementary integration.

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The bus stand (TTMC) is more

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The bus stand (TTMC) is more than 1.5 km away from the railway station (NH-4 entrance)

Now I wonder why somebody needed a TTMC when it isnt close to an interchange point? From the edge of the old platforms if a tunnel was built below the tracks it would be less distance than most airport concourses with travelator.

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walkalator between the terminal building and the station

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Here is an example of how Kolkotta Airport and METRO are getting integrated with WALKALATOR.

Similally as suggested by IDS, tunnel or foot over bridge with good air circulation and cover should be planned between METRO, TTMC, Yesvanthpur and NH-4 crossing


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Bayyappanahalli Satellite Bus Station

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Here is a photo of the Satellite Bus Station at BYPL. The terminus is too small -  there is a controller's office, a refreshment stall and some waiting place for passengers.


Binai Sankar
Switch to Public Transportation, Save your city
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Too Small

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True this is a very small Bus Stand. Dont know how will it cater to so many passangers going towards Kolar , Chintamani , Malur Chittoor , Tirupati , Nellore, Ongole & Vijawada.

Added to that there is not buses connected to the city. The Satellite Bus stand on Mysore road is a good one with lots of space for passenger ,bus bays & bus parking.

This looks like one of the town bus stands.


Sunil Kumar

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chennai bus

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are chennai buses going via Mulbagal start from this bus stand


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