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DULT links to Praja

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Praja related

 I was reviewing the DULT website and realized that they have a link to Praja there. .  Praja is described as a Bangalore based internet driven community on urban issues.

See link here. Scroll all the way to the bottom.

Maybe I am reporting really old news. At some level, it is a measure of the value of the posts here, maybe; or it is the result of an overenthusiastic webmaster. Either ways, I wanted to share this news.  But now it seems the post has to be 50 words long for the system to accept. Hence the verbosity. Sorry!


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Good news on DULT

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Slick new website - thanks for posting! A few months ago I had sent some parking ideas to DULT and also some Praja links. May be other Praja did too to influence a decision or like you mentioned they have a good webmaster. They have a real time (?) traffic map (bottom of page) and links to photos and videos related to Bengaluru traffic. Website seems to be moving in the right direction. Wonder if any DULT officials are going to be present in the Mobilicity event.

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Nice post Sanjay

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 Directorate of Urban Land Transport [DULT] happens to be a Karnataka state directorate. This comparatively a very young directorate made my nostalgic memory of yet another Directorate, come alive. I happen to join the Directorate of Aeronautics at Sena Bhavan New Delhi in December 1974. Mr. Sinha was the director at that time. He now resides in his own villa on a 90’x120’ plot at 100ft road Indiranagar.

Thanks Sanjay for the post and the link too. Cheers! comment guidelines

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