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traffic signal violations- need info

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m new here, don't know whether this is the proper section to post this,

two days back my friend was riding his 2 wheeler in jayanagar 4th block area. he crossed the signal when it was green but after a second or so it turned red.. Two traffic police were standing on the road side but he managed to speed up and run away as there were other vehicle the traffic police was attending to... the police keeps yelling and possibly note down the reg. number. Now he's worried what kind of charges he might face... he didn't stop the vehicle(after signal jump) coz  he was in a hurry moreover he doesn't have cash at that time to pay for the spot fine which the police would have demanded..

now he's worried as they note down the his number.. what kind of charges/fines he would face.

plz give some ideas or suggestions in this matter.



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How much fine?

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Hi Saamk?

You dont have much to worry I should think. At best you may get a notice from the automation centre at the address the vehicle is registered. It wiil not be more than 100-300 rupees you can pay it online or at any of the designated police stations of B one centres.

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use pay fine

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this has a section 'search and pay violations' section, enter ure vehicle number and find if anything is recorded..if online! Simple! comment guidelines

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