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Metro delayed by one year

Metro Rail

So what we had suspected all along is true.  Namma Metro is delayed by one year.   Reach One itself is badly delayed. See this news - Metro Delayed..

Accident nation


There was a report in today's TOI on accidents in India. 125,000 people lost their lives in India in road accidents. India tops the list in road deaths in the world. China has managed to bring DOWN road deaths from 2005 to 2006. In India this has gone up from about 106,000 to 125,000 from 2006 to 2007.

Drunk driver worried about his future!


3 innocent people lost their lives because of one drunken idiot on the East Coast Road in Madras. See the idiot's reaction. After robbing 3 people of their future his reaction was that he was "anxious about his future".

Can we hope for safer roads


Not sure if people saw this today ("send drunk drivers ...") in the TOI. Here is another link (newstodaynet).

"Finally, there is a serious effort to discipline our traffic. The Law Commission has prepared a report on traffic discipline that sets down stringent penalties and exacting norms to straighten out India's notoriously indisciplined roads.

BRTS/Bus lane from Indiranagar to E-City?

Public Transport

One option for a BRTS in Bangalore could be from Indiranagar/Domlur to E-City after the airport shifts and the elevated expressway comes up.

Once the airport shifts, the pressure on the IRR will come down. Once the elevated expressway comes up one lane can be dedicated to the BRTS on Hosur Road (at the bottom).

Kannada license plate numbers on the increase?


I am sure I will get my fair share of brickbats for this one but here goes...

Of late I have seen an increase in the number of vehicles with Kannada number plates. This is illegal per the provision of rule-50, sub-rule-2 and proviso-D of Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989, which specifically states that letters on vehicle number plate should be in English and numerals in Arabic. The Government of India in a notification (No.SO. 444E dated June 12, 1989) issued under Section-41 (6) of the Motor Vehicle Act , 1988, also made these rules mandatory.

School vans (Omnis) - a disaster waiting to happen

TrafficPublic Transport
When I go to drop my boys at school and pick them up, a familiar sight greets me - Maruti Omnis with about 12-15 kids in each of them. There is not even space to keep their bags inside the Omni and so they are on the roof. Many of these are with white boards and so possibly illegally being used for this. If this overloading is not enough, the way they are driven is horrific. I have seen them go at full speed, jumping lights, taking turns without slowing down, etc. Sadly it seems a matter of time before something serious happens.

Pre-paid auto service at Bangalore City station

I have been travelling to Madras and back by train quite often over the past few months and have had the opportunity to sample the pre-paid auto service about 5 times. The sample size might be a bit too small to make any conclusive statements, but here goes... All my arrivals into the city have been around 5:00 a.m. by either the Bangalore Mail or the Kaveri express. Invariably there are taxi drivers and auto drivers who greet you at the exit. Invariably I refuse.

Planetarium and the Vishweshwariah museum - a study in contrast

Last Thursday my boys and I visited the Nehru planetarium. It was a school holiday for them. We wanted to see the 12:45 p.m. show on the solar system. I have already covered the trip itself in another blog. To summarize - we made it in about 40 minutes no thanks to some hare-brained traffic light logic along JC Road.

A lot of talk - little to show for

Over the past few months I have read a number of announcements by the traffic police on how they are going to improve things, I really have not seen much progress

Road To BIAL

Flogging a dead and decomposing horse here. Went for a drive to Yelahanka yesterday on some work. For me the real issue is not the lack of an expressway to the Airport. The 6 laned NH-7 IMHO is adequate to take today's traffic and probably for another 3 years. It is the roads leading to the exit of the city in the north that need attention.
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