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Responsible corporate policy on taxi drives

Private transport

Last couple of days was in Khandala giving a lecture to one of the big banks on supply chain management.  Won't disclose their name for obvious reasons.

BBMP has grand plans for the city


The transport minister has come out with a mega proposal for Bangalore.

Some highlights - 

Vittal Mallya Road to get a facelift - from TOI


Read this in the TOI

More signal free madness


More signal free madness from BBMP.  And this is going to cost Rs.2500 crores.  Saw this in but could not source the newspaper.

KR Circle - remains a mess

TrafficTraffic jams

Went past KR Circle at peak evening traffic yesterday evening.  had been to Kaveri Bhavan and then took the Post Office Road to go to Cubbon Park. 

Redesigning Silkboard junction


Read somewhere that BETL will open sometime during September to coincide with Dasara.  This will significantly impact Silkboard junction during peak hours as all previous bottlenecks will now

Survey of Brigade Road - Residency Road towards Hosur Road

Pedestrian Infrastructure

Here is a survey of the pavement of Brigade Road between Residency Road and the old Ashoknagar Police station.  This is along the left of the road as the traffic moves.

NICE wins court case (Gottigere)


Read this in the Hindu today.

"The peripheral ring road to be built around the lake "

E-City Rail Link vs HSRL

Public Transport

Mr.Sreedharan made a few statements about

a, Metro being unviable to airport - needs 40000/hr traffic.

b. Private players who have come forward will get put off by talk of alternative plans

Here is a plan for the private players which will better serve Bangaloreans

"Only God can save Bangalore's pedestrians"

InfrastructurePedestrian Infrastructure

So said Dr. Subramanya sometime in Dec 2007.  It seems that pavements are optional in Bangalore.  BBMP can spend 100s of crores on tarring roads, acquiring land for useless road widening (check out the stretch just after Domlur leading to Command Hospital), building flyovers with signals on top of them, etc etc, but has little money to spend on building and maintaining pavements.

HOHO off to a slow start

BusPublic Transport

Saw this in this morning's DH.  Not surprised that it is off to a slow start.

Better toll collection method - BMIC Peripheral Road

Here is a suggestion for Mr.Kheny on toll collection on the BMIC Peripheral Road.  His current method can be improved quite a bit to ensure that the main expressway has free moving traffic (this is an access controlled Expressway and ought to be signal free).

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