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Responsible corporate policy on taxi drives

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Last couple of days was in Khandala giving a lecture to one of the big banks on supply chain management.  Won't disclose their name for obvious reasons.

Took a flight to Bombay and then went to their office first.  After meeting up with the HR GM, I set off in the same taxi for Khandala on the Mumbai Pune Expressway (MPE).  On the way to the taxi another HR person told me a bit apologetically that their corporate policy for highways and expressways was that the driver should not cross 80kmph.  He might have thought that I would be quite disappointed at not doing triple digit speeds on the MPE.

He, of course, did not know that he was preaching to the convert.  I was most happy because I invariably have to tell taxi drivers that I am in no hurry, that my only destination is the place I am headed for and not to the next world (if there is one), etc.

So we had a remarkable sedate drive at 80kmph on a 3+3 lane expressway.  Incidentally the speed limit is marked as 80kmph.  Surprisingly there was none of the mad speeding on the MPE that I was expecting.  People were driving in lanes.  I saw a few cars probably doing 140kmph, but they were far and few in between.

I guess well engineered roads lead to better driving. 

I also think that this is a very responsible corporate policy.  Any such policy in your offices?  I hope our own IT, BT and BPO companies take a page out of this corporate's book.







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Corporate policy can help a lot preventing accidents by cab

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Yes, very true, if we also have good corporate policies and properly managed and administered, yes, we can avoid a lot of accidents. Look at the company cabs, sumos, qualis, mini buses, big buses, how they drive on the roads, its very scary. Its dangerous for the people sitting in there, at the sametime even more dangerous for the other vehicles driving in its proximity.

All the IT companies and Call center management, if plan and can have a good corporate policy, all the drivers shoule be made to drive within a speed-limit. Its on paper, I think,  because you always see a phone number written behind every cab/bus that in case of rash driving, please call this number, but as I heard, this doesn't work but. We have to to have a good management of this, feedback by the employees itself and other staff to keep a check on the speed.

Earlier also, when government tried to enforce speed limiters in the cab, they protested like anything, I mean, what do they want? They want to drive more than what is allowed on any road and put other people's life in danger, it somehow seems so. comment guidelines

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