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Road To BIAL

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Flogging a dead and decomposing horse here. Went for a drive to Yelahanka yesterday on some work. For me the real issue is not the lack of an expressway to the Airport. The 6 laned NH-7 IMHO is adequate to take today's traffic and probably for another 3 years. It is the roads leading to the exit of the city in the north that need attention. The same roads will be prove to be the bottleneck whether the drive is via the expressway or on NH-7. The Rs.800 crores that will be spent on the expressway will be better spent upgrading the ORR by debottlenecking it at critical points. The tunnel road (no news of that for some time) will also be important to finish - in fact more important than the expressway. Let's look at the approach road options: East Bangalore - ORR to NH7. terrible bottleneck at KR Puram. Sort this out. Other option is NH206 or Nh207 through Hoskote - pretty good condition - goes to the east gate of the airport. West Bangalore (including Kengeri, Mysore Road areas) - ORR to NH7. Bottleneck at the railway crossing after Tumkur Road before BEL circle. Grade separator?? South Bangalore - Koramangala/HSR - ORR seems best option. KR Puram Bridge again. North Bangalore - best placed Central Bangalore - screwed until the Tunnel road comes up. Even today Sankey Road and high grounds are a mess. Srivathsa


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west bangalore - tumkur road

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west bangalore - tumkur road - have connectivity near hessarghata or further down. (ofcourse the railway crossing bottleneck needs to be removed, just pointing out other option) central bangalore - improve connectivity to horemavu, so that the state highway can be used.
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NH207 -

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If you need to go to BIAL from whitefield area, NH207 is the best bet. But as of now there is a terrible bottleneck. A overbridge is being constructed across the railway track near whitefield rly. stn/Sai baba ashram. This seems to be taking forever to complete. There was news floating around that this will also be complete by April, in time for BIAL, but the work seems to have come to a standstill now. There is no work happening at the site. I believe this has got something to do with the fall of the state government.
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Hebbal flyover

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Those using NH7 to reach the airport from inside the city would face a bottleneck. Either side of the hebbal flyover is going to be a 6-lane road. While outside of ORR part is already 6-lane, from hebbal to mekri underpass (and maybe upto Raj bhavan?) is currently under progress. But, the flyover itself is only 4-lane. Its a pity that BDA didn't think of making it 6-lane at that time. I'm sure it would be a major bottle-neck; it already is one during peak hours. -- Naveen Sadashiviah
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