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Are two wheelers exempt from traffic rules ?

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Hi I've noticed that increasingly two wheelers - essentially motorcycles violate all possible traffic rules. This afternoon I was walking back along 17th Cross road, Malleswaram, which is a one way. A motorcycle rider was about to enter the road and I stopped him, informing him that it is a one way. He said he had to deliver some flowers, so it was okay for him to go that way. I pointed out that even in this case he had to go around and come back up. He asked me if I was going to pay for the excess petrol. I assured him it was quite insignificant, though he did not believe me, insisting that he had to deliver some flowers to be placed on some deity. I suppose he believed that he was answering to some higher calling, which gave him the right to ignore all `worldly' traffic rules.  Realising that I would be better off arguing with the tree stump around the corner, I left,  and he sped off in the wrong direction.

I've noticed on my commute to work that motorcyclists, and others, but mainly two wheelers, seem to happily ignore all traffic rules - from one ways to red lights, to the fact that `footpaths' are meant for pedestrians. And the traffic police seem unconcerned - the only rule they try to enforce is that of wearing helmets - which, in my opinion is against natural selection.





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please add tractors, taxis, autos to the list

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You could very well add tractors (I have seen quite a few on mysore road driving on the wrong side) taxis & autos to the list. Quite a few of them do manouvers that would put an aerobatic or fighter pilot to shame.

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Not in isolation

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Ramesh, statistically speaking, I think its the same percentage. 25-30% drivers don't follow anything, 55-60% are unruly at times, and 10-15% are good drivers. You see them more prominently simply because there are more bikes on the road.

The precentages will be a little different for Autos and Cabs, its because their livelihood literally depends on time spent on road (inversely proportional).

Very simple to do the number. And we all get lots of time to do this. At a few jams or signals, just count the totals, and note the 3 categories - bad, not so bad, and okay.

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Well, perhaps what you say is

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Well, perhaps what you say is right - the percentage is the same - for running red lights. I think, though,  in other situations - such as wrong way on one ways, riding on footpaths, its bikes who rule the roost.

As a car driver the bikes running red lights has particular significance. If there is an accident you know who will be found responsible by the crowd.

Anyway, I think the police seem really powerless and to a certain extent unconcerned. It seems to me the only thing they stop the two wheelers for is for not wearing a helmet. There is one particular spot on Chord road where the cops are patiently waiting - but the only offenders they stop are bikers without helmets. If a biker runs the light but is wearing a helmet they are unconcerned. 



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Who moved the cheese story..

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Car drivers (especially higher society people) think it is the two wheelers who does most mistake, and bike drivers think because of rash driving of car drivers we cannot drive safely especially because of company cab drivers - who are the worst.

I drive both car and bike. I think both ways when I am on the other.

Moral of the story is everyone in Bangalore drive to violate... But no body thinks they violated!! (Bekku kannu mucchikondu halu kudiyuvahage!!).

Having travelled in BMTC Vajras extensively, I found them to be good due to limitations on manuevarability which may result in damage to expensive bus.  They are fast but not rash (fast and rash makes difference).

On the other hand, my company indicas and qualis, they have high degree of manoevurability and they tend to manoevure the vehicle more than moving forward. My Vajra commute with all the stops and office indica home drop off takes almost around the same time. Cabs are more rash than fast always manoevuring and Vajras are actually faster with comfortable A/C and lights to read. Media still says Killer BMTC although so many office cabs including the same media house's cab is violating the rules all around the town.


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Again a problem of enforcer/ violator attitude

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RS Hats off to your restraint in dealing with such intentional blatant violations. Most of us law abiding citizens would be consumed with anger at the sight of red light jumping, one way violations coupled with incessant honking as if it is their right, failure to yield to pedestrians, driving on the kerb, overloaded 2,3,4  wheelers recklessly endangering pedestrians and minor children. Like someone said the list is endless.

What I find hard to digest is the prevalent attitude of the violators and authorities- though they are not as blunt as the violators ನಿಮಗ್ಯಾಕ್ ಸಾರ್  ತಲೆ ನೋವು why do you bother?

ನೀನ್ಯಾವೊನೋ ಕೇಳೋಕ್ಕೆ  -who are you to question?  


ನಿಮ್ಮಪ್ಪಂದ ರೋಡು is it your father's road? etc.

This is because law is virtually ineffective toothless tiger in the hands of slack enforcement and citizens lack the basic right to question violators.

with this attitude the law abiding citizen is virtually impotent. comment guidelines

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