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Volvo bus routes information

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  I am interested in creating a complete database of Volvo routes (each stop on each route along with timing info) in Bangalore. How/Where do I get this information ? I already have a lot of information from your bus day route map. I really appreciate this effort. I do see Volvo buses which are not in your map. Also, since I am not very familiar with Bangalore, I am not sure your map reflects each and every stop on each route. I guess that will make the map very difficult to read. I looked up but the info seems out of date and the map related links don't work. 

Any help will be really appreciated.





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We did a site for chennai

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We did a site for chennai sometime back which solves the problem what you exactly described. We are waiting for BMTC to release better route info which is easily consumable by the system.  Even BMTC is trying to come up with something like that, but rest assured it wont be up to the mark. We might take up bangalore soon. Its a problem of lack of data + human resources.

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Nice chennai bus route site

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 Wow... this site is pretty decent Srikanth.  Looks like you have it organized by stages... so I have to pick a suitable stop from the suggested list?  I am very familiar with the city (and many of the bus routes), so it was possible to figure out the right inputs for a route and check validity.  If you figure out the input, the site seems to do a good job.

I wonder how handicapped a somewhat unfamiliar person will be.

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We need bus route Map in Bangalore

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Chennai Bus ruote is very good Srikanth,

I am trying to connect to BMTC people.In Bangalore I am sure there are enough connecting buses, people do not kow how to use it.

I was in london last month and was very impressed with the tube map. Check the link below

My suggestion is to have a single sheet map. People will use it more often.
How do we do it? only BMTC can answer that ....

~ Anand Varadaraj




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Volvo Bus Routes Information

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Welcome rkrishnan & SrikanthLogic,

A web-based bus route search feature is a necessity for BMTC, especially since it's the only public transport for the city presently, having a huge network with very large number of routes.

The BMTC webpage had a route search feature earlier, & we were given to understand that it was being updated & will be back on line, though the date is not known.

For a more complete listing of volvo buses, click the link below (courtesy ss87). This list however does not include other (ordinary) bus routes.

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Posted list is the latest from BMTC sources!

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Capt. Naveen and others,

For Bus day corridor routes pls refer to the lis posted HERE on Praja Bus day pages. This list was directly obtained from BMTC's official sources.

BMTC sources tells us that some of the routes listed in Wikipedia have been discontinued and changed.

It is matter of concern that BMTC doesn't have all the route information in electronic form that enthusiast like Praja, could use it to build the search tools. BMTC source indicates that post Feb 4th that would be on their top list of things to do. That is one of the priority task for Parja members to engage BMTC in getting this accomplished.

FYI, BMTC's recent attempt to revamp their webiste has gone bad and now they are looking for new contract/tender. That is the reason you see old webpages back in action.


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Thanks everybody

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 SrikathLogic, Your site is pretty good. I want to build something like this for Bangalore and put some more functionality.  



Thx for the info. Will be helpful to me. My intention is to include every bus stop. 



When do you think this information will be available ?  I am wondering if I can hire somebody to ride on all Volvo routes with a GPS and camera and note down the bus stops.


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All, Thanks for the

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Thanks for the feedback.


Yes, but even city naive person would know where (s)he is staying / where (s)he needs to go. We had before But this was abandoned for technology / performance reasons.

Our team member had a chat with BMTC management sometime back and we were told BMTC would publish the data in google transit consumable form. (see how this works for chennai MRTS Implementing transit for buses esp in india requires a lot of data which cannot come from transport authority alone since its highly unorganised. The aim of was to put it open like wikipedia where in people will add information about stops and the system will be better after a period of time and then give it back to BMTC. We were told BMTC would release Google transit supported data(CSV format) publically available on their site by Jan 2010. But we still dont get it.

We just dont want to do an import with junk data and then change the platform code(which we think we can make generic for any city) to suit a particular city(blr in this case). Let see how it goes.



No need to do that. BTIS.IN has some data that you are expecting. Just wait for BMTC to release official data soon. remember Google is also interested !


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Volvo GPS

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Are these GPS+Cellular modem modules operating and if so where can I get the real time feed ?

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