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Happens so often in our world, but this one really got to me this morning. After waiting patiently for the light to turn green the third time, I managed to get tangled up right in the middle of the intersection - with vehicles inching in from all directions and eat into whatever little space that was left for me to pass. As if their inching is not enough, I got to bear the brunt of non-stop honking for 'obstructing' their way when my light was still bright green!

What is it that make us inch?

Our competitive attitude? Go one up? 

Total loss of civic sense?

Freedom!!? Yee roadu nindaaa?

Just our genes?

Most of the time I just give up, and move on. Today I rolled my window down and with my hand pointed to the as-yet-green light, looked stright into the eyes of one of the guys inching my way. That suit-clad guy immediately stopped honking, and was trying as hell to avoid eye contact.

Should I just give up on our collective fate in frustration? Don't know. I see some light at the end of the tunnel, hoping our younger lot will get (and be) better (I hear genes can only mutate over generations!). But not sure if the light is from a train dashing towards us.


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I do it many times, showing hand to green/red and to errants

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I can very well feel the frustation, and I do many times, I show one hand to the reckless biker/driver and then show him that my light is bright green and his is bright red. And I learnt one thing while driving in Bangalore, showing hand is a very good sign of showing humiliation, the person whom you showing hand takes it very offensively, I felt every other time, and that's why I keep doing on a errand driver.


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 We say years of culture etc.. but this is what it is. This happens many times in traffic and to everybody. Attitude problem.

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 The general standard of discipline of us Indians is markedly different when compared to USA for example, where the traffic rules are generally respected. Traffic Discipline is possible only by positive training in societies to produce a specific behavior pattern while on road. This if found wanting requires strict enforcement by the traffic police. The “chalta hai” attitude can be eradicated only by strict enforcement. For this our government needs to have the will to do it. 

Indian Democracy needs to come of age in time.

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don't yield

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While we all agree that improving enforcement levels is one way, I strongly feel that nice people like Ravi and others "yielding" all the time only goes to encourage habitual offenders. "Chalta hai" works on both sides - Ravi "lets them go" most of the times, and hence, the Offenders "just let it be".

In a way, I am promoting "road rage" here. But what else should one realistically do? Philosophical talk aside, what other tangible doable ideas exist to deal with this, esp when traffic police is happy collecting fines under tree-shades or A/c control rooms?

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ones who have the least to loose..

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rule the roads!

This has been the common thought that is comming off the madness on the streets of blr..but guess someday sense will prevail!

Btw I am from SB's gang..again I can afford as I drive a 10 yr old! comment guidelines

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