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Monthly Praja Meeting - September, 2009

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Time for our monthly Praja Meeting. I've things to take care of this Saturday early AM. Can arrange the meet after 9:30am on Saturday or anytime Sunday. Leave a note here to let me know your preference.

If someone else can organize to meet at our regular 7:30am Saturday slot, pls come forward.




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How meeting at cubbon park near jewels de paragon

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We can meet at 7:30pm as usual....

If possible we can also take a MetroWalk from anil kumble circle to trinity circle...





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MetroWalk sounds interesting...

If I am in town, expect me to join in :)

-Srivatsava V

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Can we have at 9:30 or so ?

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So that many others could also join if early timing is the issue like me. Just a suggestion.

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PRAJA meet on 12th Sept.

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My suggestion-

Meet at the new TTMC Mall, Jayanagar at 7-30 a.m.


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Late or early?

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If late start (9.30 or 10) is better for more people to attend, can do that. But based on previous polls, most members prefer early start.

MetroWalk is a good idea, so is the TTMC meeting plan.

Can meet at Byappanahalli work site as well, work has really picked up there.

Would be good to meet at public places, will at least have photos to give back to this site after the meeting.

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Discuss the TTMC Connectivity Approach

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Hi All,

I will not be able to attend since I am out of country. Please discuss about the TTMC connectivity which I drafted a few days back.

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Jayanagar TTMC - Best

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I think we shd meet at Jayanagar TTMC as suggested by Mr.Pathy & Vasanth - this is a new facility, already in operation. Metro progress is being covered well by vinod & completion is, in any case still far away.

Also, I prefer a meet around 10.00AM on Saturday /12th (not 07.30AM).

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10:00 at Jayanagar TTMC

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 Even 7:30 is OK with me. 10 AM on Saturday should be better however, as it is not a working day for many. Jayanagar TTMC would be ideal for this time. We could decide each time the place as well as time of meeting for the next month, in advance each time.

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TTMC jayanagar @ 10am

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Looking at the responses and suggestion, we can have the praja meeting at jayanagar TTMC at 10 am.   Next month we can have  the meet at the metro site @byappanahalli. 

Event:  Monthly praja meeting -September 2009

Venue: Jayanagar TTMC @ jayanagar 4th block.

Date: 12 September 2009

Time: 10 Am







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Meet at Jayanagar TTMC

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Can some one talk to BMTC so that they may give us a guided tour with relevant data?

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