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BBMP Online Tax Payment System

257 users have liked. functional. I paid my property taxes online last week.

Though slow and my filing required three tries (I expected such connection issues), it was surprisingly efficient when worked.

In case you haven't tried it yet, here is how it works:

Log on to: BBMP Property Tax System. Click on 'Click Here to File Form IV (or Form V as the case may be).

Once you fill in your previous year's 'application number', data is pulled automatically into an online form. You just tweak the differences. Submit. Pay using your credit card, and bingo, you get an immediate acknowledgement/receipt. Per what the site reported, a signed receipt should follow in a few days (did I see 2 wks)...Will wait for it to arrive.

I'm not able to reprint my submitted Form 4 yet - each time I try, website goes into no-man's land. So, it's a  good idea to take a print-screen of the form just before you submit. I'll keep trying.

Problems with data still persists. You may find that not all your data was keyed in right last time you paid taxes, and as usual garbage in = garbage out. I used form 4 which lets me update minor stuff (phone #s, contact address etc), as my property details remained the same. They have form # 5 where you report change in status of property, not sure if that is the one to use if data on file is incorrect.

In general, I like it. Way to go BBMP. Good effort. Now that you got us started, can we expect the system to get better ? :)



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Update: Got my Form-4

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Keyed in the application numbers and let the website find it while I was typing the above post.  Successful this time! The pdf has my form 4 and payment acknowledgement.


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No receipt from ARO

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10. Will I get another receipt issued by the ARO or is the downloaded receipt final?

                     You will not get another receipt from the ARO’s office. This signed receipt is the final receipt. It can be used for all purposes. comment guidelines

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