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Living example - city infrastructure development

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A successful unique story in analysing, planning, developing and executing a city development plan of sorts. This exercise has to be one very good example to come out in the modern times... The Beijing Olympics 2008, and related infrastructure development.

Here is the Beijing Olympic Action Plan.

And to highlight the achievement, here is an extract from Section I.4.

Pre-preparation Phase - from December 2001 to June 2003. During this phase, the Beijing Olympic Action Plan will be formulated; the organizational structure of BOCOG will be established; all the necessary preparations for construction of the Olympic venues and facilities will be completed; construction of EP facilities and urban infrastructure as well as a number of cultural and tourist sites will be initiated; and marketing programs will be put into operation.

Development Phase - from July 2003 to June 2006. During this period, the tasks set forth in the "10th Five-year Plan" will be completed, and the construction of the Olympic venues and other related facilities and the preparation in other areas will be in full swing. By June 2006, the major construction projects of Olympic venues and facilities will be completed and basic preparations finished.

Improvement and Operation Phase - from July 2006 to the opening of the 2008 Olympic Games. During this phase, all the venues and facilities, which fully meet the requirements of the Games, will be in place. Examination and improvement will be made to the venues; test events will be conducted to ensure smooth operation; and all services will be available.

It took approximately 7 years from 'pre-preparation' to 'operation'. Ofcourse, India is not China. Routine city development is not olympics. JNNURM, Grants from GOK / GOI may not compare against grants for any olympics related development. But, wouldn't it tell us something? Don't we think Bangalore needs a similar analyze-plan-develop-execute exercise? I am sure we have a lot to learn. And we have a practical exmple unfold in front of our own eyes to learn from!.

And how long did we say Namma Metro / BMIC / BIAL would take us from start to finish?


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