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Prostitution in Bangalore CITY - on the rise?

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I wonder how are we all silent about this sensitive topic, Call girls / gigolos are in raise in bangalore, and speaking of which I am a victim of it too, indirectly I must say, My story goes this way;

I recently brought a new vodafone sim, which I guess was recycled, and I get calls on it, asking me "how much would it cost for one night and would i get a model", when it was frequent, I tried to find out the route of it, and I asked some of them "from where did they get my no." they happily said "internet", Now I being a techie myself had a indolent mood to find out what is happening in this front  untill now on internet, how could any lay man be.

But trust me, few searches and phew, I have good no. of sites giving me information about all these activities and I know where all i can get inthe city, I think I am better than police to find it, simple call and an appointment and I know who is dealing with whome, and trust me half of their no. works.

Following are the site and navigational list popularly / publicly & bold enough to project the being, see for self

1.  now you can see the personal coloumn & click women seeking me.

2. please click it directly, you know who will do what services for you

3. --> choose the location bangalore and in the personal/friendship coloumn click the link womens or so

Now with these info I had been to police station, and trust me they found me guilty of it.

these are the three major sites famous and publicly used utility sites in tech world, and in west it is very common site, craiglist out of it was the award winning site though.

Now my concern is, when a lay man like me can find these, how can police be silent and why are they not looking at these publicly available information.

Guys our women or the young beings are not safe with this easy money culture, this is serious stuff.

If someone here is serious why cant we do something about it. 


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I am amazed

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I have 86 reads, but no one bold enough to come forward to help... Now I can really understand, why we are what we are...


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Hi What you seem to have done

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What you seem to have done is provided some information on where to find prostitutes in Bangalore. Its not clear what your problem or objection is. There is nothing wrong with prostitution per say - it is the abuse of the girls that is wrong. And in any case the enlightened way of dealing with prostitutes is not to harass the girls but arrest and fine the people soliciting prostitutes.

In any case in a city like Bangalore there is bound to be some prostitution as it is a necessary thing. Nevertheless - unless there is some crime associated with it it is not an issue to be discussed - Bangalore has too many other more serious problems to deal with to have to worry about a few porn sites.

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Thats not right

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You are defeating my purpose, for your kind information sir, Prostitution is illegal in India, and shall I remind you half of the world lead to this by force.

And trust me you don't know what happens inside to show, less that 18 year old forced in it, and to showcase the places, my intentions and assumptions here is very clear, I find this place with matured enough people with right mindset to view and drive towards a goal.

By your comment you are telling me "Hota hai badi baat nahi hai" , Sir this is serious thing, I don't want my son/daughter to view this page which cannot have parental control, and he tries it without a hass and struck there for whole life.

Please help if you have same concern.


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<quote>I have 86 reads, but

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<quote>I have 86 reads, but no one bold enough to come forward to help... Now I can really understand, why we are what we are...</quote>

It is quite unlear from your post about what help are you seeking. You might feel strongly about a certain topic but doesn't mean others should also feel strongly about it. For me, an overflowing sewage line or pot hole filled roads are bigger reasons to worry than prostitution thriving in the city. And that is my opinion alone. You have no right to say to call out others as not "bold enough to come forward to help".

Please state clearly, what do you expect out of praja members. You are being harassed with constant phone calls because your number is listed on a website. Please lodge a compaint with cyber police and get them to block your numbers on the site.

You have listed 3 websites. Trust me there are thousands of such sites which probably lists several thousands of such phone numbers. It is quite impossible for police to chase each of them suo moto.

<quote>If someone here is serious why cant we do something about it. </quote>

Again not sure what is that "something" you are asking for? comment guidelines

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