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Slow and dangerous sewage work @ cluny convent road Malleswaram

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I wanted to bring this to the notice of authorities on state of the sewage work being done at 11th Main road, malleswaram, outside the cluny convent, malleswaram, bangalore. I have attached certain photos for you to have a look and publish so that reaccurance of Sanjay Nagar Underpass kind of accident doens't happen again.

Few things i would like to point out :-

1) The work is very slow and thought they will complete during the navarathri holidays but it is still continuing and creating a major nuisance for the school kids and commuters.

2) Their are around 2000 children study in this school and they face a major hurdle in coming out and going inside the school, you can see from the photos that the pits are not closed nor, any danger sign being put.

3) BBMP and the contractor have put the stones carelessly on the road, people who walk or drive on the road will get hurt, including the kids. In night where their is no street light it becomes very difficult and accident bound to happen.

4) The authorities should complete the work faster, ensure one way in the road, as both the sides work is going on, proper danger mark or closer of pits which is being dung for kids precautions.

5) Also,  not a single police, traffic police to be seen near this school premises, which has major jam during the morning and evening ( school start and end period).

Requesting you to  publish this so that authorities take care and we don't have any accidents happen.



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