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Say NO to Autos / Taxi's on 12 th Aug 2010

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Unique campaign is floating around called Meterjam, to teach a lession to the erring Auto's and Taxi's. This campaign already has over 22 k strength from major cities, we find that for fare rise or anyother issues, even a road accident with an auto or taxi all of them gang up and fight with a common man. This initiative looks interesting and should be giving a fitting reply to the erring guys. As you are aware the Cops too are not able to do anything to these, guys as citizens we can try to change these erring guys by this simple protest.


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auto's getting sidelined in other states too

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Over the last few months, the urban development department (of Jharkhand) has taken a number of steps to pave the way for the bus service in the three cities. It has stopped registering new auto-rickshaws, the backbone of public transport in the capital and all other cities and towns in the state. Erstwhile state transport commissioner Nitin Madan Kulkarni had in March imposed a ban on issuing new permits for auto-rickshaws or any other vehicle meant for public transport in the routes marked for the bus service. For the full report in the Telegraph, click here.

But, we in Bangalore, continue to remain stuck between the devil in the form of the auto, and the deep sea in the form of the BMTC. The answer perhaps lies

Muralidhar Rao
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The immediate necessity is deploymet of Minibuses, either by BMTC or throgh private operators to serve the last mile needs to cover all nooks and corners of the city.

By the way how far is 'praja minibus service'?


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BMTC sends an SMS

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Got an SMS yesterday from BMTC "supporting" the Meter Jam campaign and asking the commuters to take the bus, instead. Good show!!

Hope they send similar SMS before every Monthly Bus Days to create more awareness.

regards, Ashok




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Was Meterjam campaign observed in B'lore?

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Did Bengaluru Prajegalu observe 'Meterjam'?

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source of the problem?

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If you think about it, all this problem is because of overdone regulation and control on transport service providers in the city areas. Allow private cos to run taxis, scooters, vans or whatever they'd like, police the roads well, make eveyrone pay for parking, and all this may go away.

People worry that there may be too many autos/taxis on the roads if not controlled. Numbers will adjust depending on the need, and we may all get good service and better prices. Yes, there may be a problem of cabs/autos not prefering to go to remote areas of the city. But that problem remains today. Today, you complain to the police. wit private operators in business, you would complain to a regulator, and about a given operator, an not that particular cab/auto.

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RTO has said 'no'

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@ Pathy Sir

'Praja Saarige' not to be, atleast for now - check this

Muralidhar Rao
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meter-jam, a success

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The boycott auto campaign has had a transforming effect on auto drivers who have now promised that they will bring a pro-consumer and pro-commuter policy.

Adarsha Auto Union president, M Manjunath, told TOI that eight auto unions met on Wednesday to chalk out a pro-commuter policy in the wake of planned campaign against them. "The commuters are our gods. It is because of them that we survive. We promise to change unruly auto behaviour in the next three to four months."

For the full report in the TOI, click here.

Well, whether they are able to make the union members behave or not, atleast the public statement from the president of the intent is indeed refreshing. The general impression so far has been that the 'autocrats' were beyond redemption, and that they care a damn for public opinion. It now appears that that's not quite so. They are indeed worried about their poor image, and the impact it can have on the future of their trade. To that extent, the campaign has been a success.


Muralidhar Rao
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exposed the under-belly!

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Indeed, how so true! The problem is that the politicians see all of these as lobbies to use when and how they want. And, over time, they turn into a mafia, over which even the politicians do not have a control.

But, this 'meter-jam' has shown that they also have an under-belly.


Muralidhar Rao
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Street hire taxi

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 I would hope the unions can provide driver training, negotiate finances and get these drivers Tata nano. Bengaluru lacks a street hire taxi service. With a unique color they can be rebranded as street hire service only, instead of being on call like the others. Having more display area(relatively) the car will allow them to tap into advertising revenue as well. They are anyway used to the street hire mode of operations. comment guidelines

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