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Experience of A Visit to Big Bazaar @ Malleswaram

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Big Bazaar has opened its shop at the old geethanjali theatre complex.....even tough is good for shopping and shopping experience for the malleswaram residents, it is come with lots of nightmare to the public. Few of them i noticed with one visit this weekend are :-

1) No signal or traffic regulation on the underpass going to Old Geethanjali theatre road, vehicle owners have to fight their way thru'.  (Can't Big Bazaar invest in Traffic post / guides to regulate traffice here, i could see an Ambulance get struck for almost 15 mins in this junction.)

2) No adequate parking, at 6:30 pm in the evening already an sign of No Parking is been put up and i was made to roam around in that area to get an unprotected parking. ( If no parking, pls announce the public not to come on their vehicle or arrange valet parking)

3) Crowd, Crowd and Crowd, inside and outside, by the time you enter, within 5 mins due to No Air Ciculation or A/c not being effective, your not comfortable and want to get out. (Proper Regulation of Crowd is necessary & Ventillation and A/C should work for maximum crowd)

4) When i was in, power went of for 4 to 5 times and the switch over takes almost 30-45 secs, this creates panic among public and many things can happen during this time. ( I dont Know if all these and safety norms are thoroughly checked by Regulatory Officials).

5) They have occupied most part of the road for parking two wheelers and other major portion for the tempo's ( old residents of this area), not proper space for even walking. ( Is this what regulation is). In case of any unforseen circumstances, the entire crowd cannot run for help in this condition. ( Safety Norms overlooked).

I do agree, few teething issues will be present during initial days, but not for Future Group, if it wants to be popular in this area, they need entire family to be comfortable in coming and enjoying, not with hardship's. Local kirana / 8th Cross Market is more comfortable for now then Big Bazaar - Family Centre.


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Absolute Lack of Planning.

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Well, this Big Bazaar is one thing which has come up and caused havoc - there was absolutely no planning by the authorities in allowing such a shop to come up here. This road is a dead end and now it completely destroys the efficacy of the underpass.

However, I think things will look better here - relative to the absolute chaos that is going to ensue once the Mantri Greens mall and Brigade Gateway mall open. There will be a massive influx of traffic in to Malleswaram and one can say good-bye to whatever little peace and quiet that existed here. The good news is that the jam and problems caused by the Big Bazaar will seem minor compared to the new situation.




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Parking infront of MALLS or Entering MALLS

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Its true that where evre Malla are coming up on busy road,  owners of  Malla ( they are from big business group ) eating the space meant for raods.  Even civic authorities  involved in sanctions. 

Take case  of Koramnagala Forum Mall, their is no foot over bridge to cross, so Hosur road traffic got  disturbed.  now its going to be Malleshwaram : Mantri Greens mall and Brigade Gateway mall :.  We will loose this small peace of traffic movement in Malleshwaram.  Same case at Hebbal Esteam Mall

In Urban planning they should make mandatory of  4-5 meters parking  or  vechiles entery / exit provision so that  Malls will not eat the road space. With minimum 100 vechiles parking apart from the Malls staffs own parking requirement. Other wise,  Traffic police should put no-parking or no stopping of vechiles infront of such Malls.

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Latest Improvement

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I don't know if you have noticed the latest improvement, both the guys, owned by future group ( big bazzar & Brand Factory) have started using the foot path, the vehicles especially the two wheelers are parked on them.

No body to ask or question.

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No parking facilities in Shopping Malls

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Big Bazaar on the outer ring road near Hebbal does have the same situation. Here Big bazaar customers park their big cars on the ring road cutting down one lane. The 2 wheelers/ autos and cargo vehicles take up the service road. Big Bazaar is creating a mess in the city. Should'nt Future Group take corporate responsibility and create infrastructure for parking. They are interested in only people's pockets. comment guidelines

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