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Harassment from anonymous caller

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I was wondering if there's a helpline to report an anonymous caller who keeps sending unsolicited SMSs/phone calls to women. This person calls up asking for 'Navin' and if it's a woman, pesters them to talk to him. If they don't pick up the phone, he keeps sending annoying msgs.

I even called this person and shouted at him but he just refused to stop. Is there something we can do?

I know there's a very effective helpline for this in Delhi ( but I couldn't find anything in Bangalore.




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Police station

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I would think approaching your nearest police station should help. 

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cops will help

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Just walk to nearest police station. My colleague took the help, he was being wrongly called from out KAR by a collection agency. Someone have his number instead of theirs !

COPS traced the number and called back too. After that the number is disconnected and does not bother.


Find more information here.

If all else fails call the VSV here

Please do not give up.

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