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'development' under police protection

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Is this how people are excluded from the way policy and schemes are implemented? in these 16 villages in North Bangalore their govts KR Puram and Bytarayanpura CMCs in 2003 opposed the authority of the BDA to acquire lands for the rich and privileged people to finally occupy farm lands on the outskirts in a layout and the same pitched opposition was later happening in many of the other layouts Why does this process of giving over farming land to rich people become known as 'development' and why is police protection required to acquire this? so much conflict is being created while more influential people acquire lands and get them denotified such as some well known and lesser known builders All this is bound to impact the food security of not only the land losers / farmers but also the cost of living of the rest of the population in the city.


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okay, we know all that

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We all have read such posts, and heard such passing comments again and again, everywhere. For a change, write about solutions. So what should be done, and who should do it?

Is BDA the problem? Lack of real autonomy for BBMP the problem? Do you support the proposed regional governance bill (drafts are floating around)? Alternate proposals you know and like?

On other note, why do you live in Bangalore, and not do farming at some village around or away from Bangalore to help with 'food security'?

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thats maybe a myth

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The solutuions are also there for all who know

just like the planning for roadwidening has been opposed by the majority of affected citizens the entry of the former CM to support the farmers has encouraged them to fight on and there is not going to be any hope for inexperienced people like me to take up farming  unless like in Kolkatta people are allowed to farm vegetables, and greens in wetlands, so alake is not only for park but also for agriculture

and many more solutions are ther elike urban agriculture and consumer supported agriculture (COSA) for food security


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Fair value

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The government should acquire land, develop it, and give back 50% to the original owners. Let them get market price for their land. The government acquiring land at Rs. 50 per square feet like asking someone to give back the bluechip shares they bought 20 years ago at face value because of whatever reasons. The farmland owners are like the original investors, they should get fair value for land.

Another addon suggestion is government agencies should also build flats on the acquired land and give rather than alloting land. comment guidelines

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