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Daily TOI coverage on Garbage Crisis “The Muck stops here”

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TOI has a daily coverage of the Garbage crisis for the past 23 days. To day’s TOI have 2 articles relating to Bangalore Garbage crisis.

  1. The muck stops here Day 24 article by Sunita Rao
  2. BSY Ananthkumar Tug of war


Domlur residents have found a smart way to deal with their garbage: they’ve roped in four rag pickers and kick started their area waste management project. Nagaraju, who was a rag picker three months ago, now drives to households and collects dry waste stored in houses across Domlur. He weighs the plastic and paper and pays the household for it. He then drives towards a dry waste collection centre and starts segregating plastic, paper and metal components thrown away as waste. For the full article Click here [1]

Several readers have responded including:-

  1. Murali HP
  2. Harsha Paga
  3. Ravindranathan PV
  4. Kesary MN
  5. Sridahr Iyengar
  6. Gunaranjan Shetty B
  7. Hemachandra Babu B

Garbage dumps however have not vanished from the Domlur area. For example to day in my regular trip to the CGHS Domlur I found a very interesting spectacle!

Picture 1. Cows eating the green (?) garbage


Picture 2. Plastic collection and Segrigation Building as seen from the fly over

1.      Compostable or green - No [By BBMP]

2.      Various types of Plastic - yes

3.      Electronics - yes

These should be collected on different days. What people need is 3 baskets one for each type.

Mean while Garbage has become very interesting hot topic attracting politicians to make hay while sun shines!


Unfazed by Kumar’s action, Yeddyurappa engaged a helicopter and flew to Salem in Tamil Nadu on Thursday and spent three hours studying its garbage disposal system. MLAs BN Vijayakumar, Ramachandra Gowda, Limbavali, M Satish Reddy, NS Nandiesh Reddy and SR Vishwanath accompanied him.  For the full article Click here [2]


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Visit to Garbage Segregation Building

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Around 90 lakh citizens in Bangalore’s 198 wards are producing more than 4000 tons of waste per day approximately. The percent wise contributions are:-

1.      House holds                            54%

2.      Markets and Function Halls     20%

3.      Commercial Enterprises           17%

4.      Others                                     9%

Of the total amount of waste only 10% is recycled where as the remaining 90% is transported to the Dump Yards in the outskirts of the city wasting petrol / diesel. Bangalore has huge private sector operated facilities for

  1. Composting
  2. Bio methanization
  3. Waste to energy conversion

These treatment plants are under utilized and hence become non functional in course of time. The reason being, they specialize in a particular type of waste. Hence segregation done at source is mandatory.

Waste is to be segregated into 4 types:-

  1. Wet:- Left out food, fruit and vegetable  peels, garden waste Cattle dung, meet, bones house hold sweeping etc
  2. Dry:- Plastic Glass Paper Electronic Others
  3. Harmful Sanitary Napkins Injection needles Bandages etc
  4. Rejects Broken articles cloth thermo Cole etc

Alternate dates / weekly buying at acceptable rates is done by Hasiru Dala.

Smt Geeta Srinivas Reddy Corporater, Domlur ward 112 is the active supporter. 

Waste Wise Trust Vehicle

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Dry waste Collection Center

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The building consists of one huge factory type enclosure of about 25 feet hight with a circular top. One side of this space has several office rooms. The remaining space accomodates all the 4 kinds of dry waste mensioned above. The employees of the company segregate them into these 4 types.

Concept and ideas of the solid waste management

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Storm Water drain

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The Garbage Segrigation Building is adjoining the Storm Water Drain from Indiranagar area


Adjoining Storm Water Drain. Notice the copious Sewage water flowing in the storm water drain. 

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Segregation in Progress

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This picture was taken inside the Segregation Building. The Waste wise trust employees are seen in action.

                                         Segregation in progress 

These segrigated items are sent to different types of recycling plants in Bangalore.



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Encroachment in the Segregation building land

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These huts are declared as encrochment. They will be evicted shortly.


                                     The Huts below the Fly over

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Waste Collection Bay

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The waste collection bay celing height is more than 20ft as per my guess.




Inside view of the waste collection Center.

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Finally BBMP hits the bulls eye

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Come October 1, pourakarmikas of the BBMP won’t pick up bags of mixed garbage from your doorstep. Get wise to the different kinds of waste – put your kitchen stuff out and send the rest to the recycle bin.


For the full article Click here


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Garbage Politics

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Instead of stcking to the science of zero garbage BBMP and our Governament are beating around the bush. 

  1. BBMP buys more dumping time from Mandur.
  2. Environment minister S Shivanna has given his nod for dumping in Togarighatta village, Near Tumkur
  3. The opposition has trashed the move. Both Congress and JD(S) have decided to make this a poll issue. 

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