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Prakash Belwadi on Bangalore Garbage crisis

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Prakash Belawadi is a journalist and a theater person from our own Bangalore. He is a co-founder of Centre of Film and Drama which is set to launch Suchitra School of Cinema and Dramatic Arts at the Suchitra Cinema and Cultural Academy campus in Bangalore. He has directed the national-award winning feature film stumble in 2002, documentary films and Kannada TV serials. He is an actor and director of plays both in Kannada and English. For the full Wikipedia Article Click here.

The casual announcement by the Worshipful Mayor of Bangalore D Venkatesh Murthy that the garbage problem might be resolved in “three to six months” is actually the stuff of nightmares. The issue is with the arithmetic. If BBMP needs to remove about 4,000 tones’ of garbage every day from the city, but is actually managing to take out only 2,500 tones’, how much of the deficit will accrue every day over the next six months? 

    The mayor’s soothing assurance that “the civic body is taking all steps to clear the garbage piling up across the city” means nothing, really. It is indeed shameful that the BJP government has sought to use the hapless BBMP as a shield to duck the invective from the annoyed citizens of Bangalore. The truth of matter could indeed be that Mayor Venkatesh Murthy’s term will end before the growing garbage heaps could achieve their apex levels. 

This article which appered in todays Bangalore mirror is indeed a master piece written by Prakash. The full article can be accesed by  a click here.

Any ship of 400 tons gross tonnage and above or certified to carry 15 persons or more is expected to carry a garbage management plan. It is supposed to have a Garbage Record Book. In addition, all ships of 12 meters or more in overall length should display placards to notify the crew and passengers of the ship’s disposal requirements. The garbage management plan shall provide written procedures for collecting, storing, processing and disposing of ship-generated garbage, including the use of the equipment onboard. It shall also designate the person in charge of carrying out the plan. Such a plan shall be in accordance with the guidelines developed by the organization and written in the working language of the crew. There shall also be a Garbage Record Book for recording each discharge operation or completed incineration. In a space ship it is a different ball game altogether. For the full Wiki article click here. The reason for such strict gudelines are for avoiding any harfull effects on Marine life.

Every house hold in our city of Bangalore should think in the above lines. Do we want to harm our city to harm ourselves? I wonder!!!


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Big players in the city.

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Obviously, the government, having brought to its knees by the garbage isue, is forced to take cognizance. To day's TOI report by Aparajita Ray is interesting:-

“A whopping 1,500 tones’ of the 5,000 tones’ of waste generated daily by Bangalore comes from hotels. The big ones story is:- 

But waste management is not a burden in itself as can be witnessed in some of the best practices adopted by big players in the city. TOI details these model practices adopted by top notch hotels, IT companies and residential blocks in an effort to underscore the point that waste management is all about managing the basics.”

For the full report Click here

The report includes prominent hotels, builders and Industries like:-

  1. ITC Gardenia, Vittal Mallya Rd Only hotel in Bangalore with helipad.
  2. Hotel Lalith Ashok, Kumara Krupa Road 
  3. Leela Palace, Old Airport Road 
  4. Intel, IT giant, Outer Ring Road 
  5. Prestige Builders 
  6. Mantri Tranquil 

Perhaps the health inspectors and the entire governament machinery can benefit by making hay while the sun shines. 

A view of the ITC Gardenia the only 7 star hotel in Bangalore with a Helipad facilty. comment guidelines

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