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Pitiable road conditions at Indiranagar Domlur fly over.

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The junction at Indira nagar 100 ft and old airport roads has an elaborate 12 leaf fly over system. [1] Being a heart patient I need to go periodically to the CGHS dispensary [2] at Domlur side of the fly over. These are some pictures about the dangerous, pitiable condition of the roads.


[1] The CGHS Road

[2] The Junction


[3] The Fallen BESCOM Pole

[4] Close up

[5] Badly stuck up BBMP Vehicle



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Indiranagar/Domlur flyover

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Yes, this is an example of the 'Engineering' of our experts.

I used to walk across the Old Airport Road (when it had not turned old). But after the flyover was built without giving any thought to the needs of pedestrians, there is no way to cross other than bus vehicle. Now-a-days I take a bus from one side to the other.

But there is more problem after crossing to the Domlur side as there is no pedestrian crossing at all near the bus stops.

This is being discussed in the monthly (third Saturday) meeting at Jeevan Bima Nagar Traffic Police Station.

Action is yet to be taken.

Mr Anantram mayb join this meeting on July 21st.



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The Cauvery 4th stage water pipe specimen

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This is the one remnant pipe lying on the CGHS Road near a Garbage dump. Curiously this is serving as the home for this homeless adivasi lady. As I remember these pipes are running under the Domlur road in front of the CGHS dispensary.


Picture – 1 Shelter for the homeless.  

These kinds of pipelines can be seen here:-

Cauvery Water Supply Scheme Stage IV Phase II for additional 500 MLD water at a cost of Rs. 3,384 Crore [1]


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For the kind attention of BESCOM

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Hope Mr Manivannan, the BESCOM, MD, has a look at the leaning electric pole in case he happens to see this blog. It is but fair that such leaning poles of electricity, being hazaedous are promptly attened to by his men.

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Pitiable road conditions at Indiranagar Domlur fly over

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The leaning pole as projected in the post was attended on 6th July 2012. Due to BWWSB sewerage pipe laying the pole was isolated, after attending the work the pictures was posted as shown.






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Many thanks for the prompt action

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It was indeed a pleasant surprise.  Kudos to Manivanan sir! 

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Kudos to AEE S3 sub-dvn

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Kudos to AEE S3 sub-dvn, Mr Narasimha Murthy, and his team too.

Muralidhar Rao
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When 12,000 strong team decides, it makes things happen!

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My appreciations to the AEE S3, Narshimmamurthy! Appreciations to SE.East, Mrs. Sheela too.

I have observed that, when there is team work, lots of things move! The challenge is to make all the 12,000 employees of BESCOM to think and work in unison. It is the toughest task, given the constraints on cost and perceptions.

With so much difficulty, we could get create a post of GM.IT & MIS, and now things have started looking promising. We are connecting all our offices with wireless, the slowly move on to internet/video connectivity. All these costs. There are no RoI for such investments. In government, its very difficult to get approvals for such investments! One has to take a risk of being branded as 'spend thrift'!:)

The social networks offer a cheap platform for interaction within BESCOM, and we are popularizing it. But, that also needs internet connectivity! I am waiting for the day when we connect all our 462 offices of BESCOM real-time, seamlessly! Then we can think of shared vision and mission, which is so critical for any organization!:)

It will also bring in more transparency, thus allowing ourselves to be piloted by the consumers. That will make us relevant, thus sustaining our business for long!:)


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Extend seamlessness..

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Its heartening to note the action taken by BESCOM. What is more appealing how promptly the update is given back. What we all citizens need is prompt update on any concerns issues. Many times, we are ok if suggestion/concern not addressed, but the reason and update comes up in right time.

Not to just praise Manivannan, but he is an example the how the "power of one" works, even well within govt structure with current state of politics and ethics in place.

I am dreaming(yes, in my lifetime) to see such "ONE" CM/PM or any one who can bring *the change* to whole system with a bing bang impact.


" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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Setrated leaning pole at Domlur / Indiaranagar Fly over

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Leaning pole at Domlur / Indiranagar Fly over  which was posted in it comes under Bangalore South Circle Jurisdiction of S3 sub division. As per my instructions to S3 AEE on 05 July 12, he was setrated the pole on 06 July 2012.

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Small correction on the credits!

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Dear Nagarjun (erstwhile SE. South),

You are right. I stand corrected. It belongs to S3, and comes under South circle. It is indeed a very good work by you that you observed it and corrected it on 5/6th July itself, well before it was posted here! That shows that you keep a tab on whats happening around you! Well done!

I am sure that, the consumers in Bangalore North circle will be greatly benifitted by you now! Keep up the good work!

Thanks to Bheema Upadhyaya too! We are trying to have a common vision and goal, and achive it in a transparent and participate way. All the three are new to any government organisation, including BESCOM. Hope enlightened citizens will guide us in our journey!:)


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Garbage Dump

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The Domlur CGHS [Central Government Health Scheme] hospital is on this road. I had been there to collect my monthly medicines. The Domlur Residents near by are in the habit of throwing garbage on this road nearby to the hospital.

Picture 1. The Domlur Garbage Dump near CGHS Hospital comment guidelines

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